Caught In The Flames

"Phoenixes can live forever and that's what I intend to do."
Saria. A world of magic, mystery and mythical creatures. But no longer. Something is causing the magical creatures to pass into myth and legend. As if they never really existed. But how could something so beautiful just vanish? One girl who is more than she appears takes it upon herself to turn back time although she cannot do it alone. Fate intertwines her with another soul, but can they make it through together without getting caugh

The fire danced around her fingers, licking at her skin but leaving no mark. Her sparkling emerald eyes reflected the light from the flames as she giggled gleefully, twisting her delicate fingers amongst the flickering flames. She had a wicked little grin and it made his heart race everytime he saw it, and now was no different. Even though he was supposed to be hiding, his heart thudded loudly in his chest. His breathing spiked as she laughed again. She shouldn't be so close to the flames, they should be burning her, not tickling her fingers. With difficulty, he suppressed a moan when he thought about where he would rather have her fingers. Slowly, cautiously, he crept backwards, not taking his eyes off of her for a second. But he wasnt cautious enough. His elbow cracked into a vase that was balanced precautiously on the edge of a shelf and it fell to the groud. Screwing his eyes up, he willed himself to disappear. To no avail. When he opened his eyes again, she had leapt to her feet and snatched her hands behind her back away from the fire. Her eyes flashed. Ah.

The End

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