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'Caugh in a love triangle....wait no rectangle' 2012 © All Rights Reserved {osnapitzmex} ********************************** A/N hello guys this story is a new story, I'm new here so please check it out. Tell me what you think about it. ************************ Chapter 1: I hate my parents! As I made my way down to science I began regretting the promise I made to my mom about behaving in the meaningless class I was slowly approaching. The teacher aggravated me to the core, he is cocky, annoying and I love to take the piss out of him, his reaction is priceless. I headed to my locker slowly just to make sure I was late for class. When the second bell rang (which indicated all students must be in class) I made my way to B6 also known as the science classroom. As I walked into the class room I braced myself for the usual Tuesday afternoon row me and Mr. Jackson would usually cause. "so you see if you add sodium + Chlorine you will make-" "hiya sir how was your day?" I asked in a sickly sweet voice. "Mcken-" "sir, call me Kenzie, I'd really appreciate it." "ok Kenzie, please sit down and don't come to my lessons late again" He got a glare while I slowly dawdled to my seat. "Kenzie? Now please" "yes sir" I mock saluted. I sat down on my chair and actually attempted to listen to what he was rambling on about. I got fidgety and decided to get comfy, which in my world means putting my feet up on my desk and chilling out. Which I did. "Kenzie I would really appreciate it if you got your feet off my desk please" "but sir it's not your desk, you didn't buy it, make it or writ-" "Mckenzie please, enough with the smart remarks and get your damn feet off the table" "but it's comfortable" I spoke batting my eyelashes at him. "Mckenzie Cartwright, this is your last and final chance I will give you. Now. Get. Your. Feet. Off. The. Table." he commanded through clenched teeth. After seeing his face flush red with anger I planted my feet back down on solid ground, I waited for him to walk back to the front of the class before whipping my phone out and checking my instagram and listening to Rihanna's 'cheers'. "life's too short to be sitting round miserable, people gon' talk wether you doing bad or good. Got a drink on my mind and my mind on my money, looking so bomb I'ma get me a honey. Got my Ray Bans on and I'm feeling hella cool tonight...." I softly whispered. I checked my instagram and decided to take a picture of Mr.Jackson writing on the board, the caption read 'science always seems to drag on. Ugh FML'. I chuckled to my self lightly as I looked at the picture in amusement. "hmmm, phone, now" Mr Jackson demanded abruptly yanking my earphone out of my ear. "ever heard of personal space? Well you're invading mine" I pointed out. "phone" he repeated. "nuh uh" I responded. "yuh huh" he mimicked. "ok isn't it time for you to send me out of your class room? Because this is getting kinda boring" "Mckenzie get your body out of my classroom right this minute" he exploded holding the bridge of the nose. And the bomb has exploded. "but where should I go?" I questioned him. "anywhere else but here. Goodbye Mckenzie" he snapped and shut the door right in my face. Damn man might have broken my nose. Well since he said I was allowed anywhere but his classroom, I was suddenly craving some McDonald's. I hopped into my red Ford 2011 Mustang GT and sped off down the road drawing closer and closer to my dream destination for my early lunch. I put the car into park and got out making sure to close the door. I pressed the lock button on my keys and watched as the orange lights flashed signalling it was locked. I made my way to the counter and ordered a 'Big Mac meal'. When the waitress handed me my tray I turned around only to see my mom walking inside. What's she doing here she doesn't like McDonald's? I hurried to the back seat so I could stay clear from her. I set my tray down and unwrapped the burger. I took a bite into it, letting the juices tickle my taste buds. "is anyone sitting here?" an all too familiar voice asked. "Erm yeah?" I said turning away from my burger to look my mom square in the face. "Mckenzie Cartwright, what in gods name are you doing here!" she boomed. "having an early lunch. Can't you tell?" I replied. "well thank you captain obvious. I was trying to ask why you are here." she stated. "well.... I got kicked out of science, he told me he didn't want me in his classroom, I asked him where I should go, he said 'anywhere else but here'. So here I am." I answered. "my car now!" she snapped. "could you at least wait till I'm finished? This cost money you know!" I objected. She didn't even listen. Instead she decided to grab me by the ear and drag me out. "child abuse, child abuse!" I shouted trying to wiggle out of her grasp while getting strange looks from families trying to enjoy their meal. "did you not listen this morning? Me and your father specifically told you to behave in that class, not get kicked out and come sauntering into McDonald's! Now what do you have to say for yourself?" she screamed. "Erm, please can you let go of my ear?" I said pointing to my ear. "Mckenzie Allie Louise Cartwright, answer my damn question!" she snapped. I decided not to argue with her anymore and lay the story out again. She didn't seem very pleased but that's what I was going for. "in the car now!" she commanded. I did as I was told and climbed into the passenger seat of moms Porche Cayenne. I put my feet up on the dashboard and put my earphones in listening to 'we are young' by fun. My mom got into the car, put the keys in the egnition and the car roared to life. She started talking but I had no idea what she was going on about. "Mckenzie!" "what?!" I whined. "feet off and phone now!" she ordered. I gave her my phone and she tossed it on the backseat. Stupid woman might have broke my phone! "Mckenzie, I have had it up to here with your disgusting behaviour. You're rude, arrogant and your failing in school. You act like a spoilt brat and you get angry when things don't go your way." "you have disgraceful grades, your friends aren't friends at all and your boyfriend doesn't deserve you because you can do way better than him." Ouch what a nice thing to say. "where is this going?" I asked. "I'm glad you asked. Me and your father have agreed to have you taken to a ranch in Dallas with my good old friend Taylor and her family until you can learn to behave." Face palm time. "you did what? And you kept this away from me. I do have a right to know you know. You people are not my parents I hate you. Ever since Louise died you just continued to drive our family apart and now you're sending me away. Nice going, I have the best parents in the world!" I replied my anger bubbling inside of me. "no, no it's not. It's for your own good" I didn't want to listen to her anymore. I realised we were parked in the driveway and got out of the car, angrily slamming the door behind me. "Mckenzie, Mckenzie!" she called after me. I walked into the house and shut the door in her face hoping I broke her nose. I walked into the dining room and saw my dad sitting on the island stool reading a newspaper. He looked up. "Mckenzie what's up?" "don't 'what's up' me old man. You know exactly what's going on. You and mom are planning on getting rid of me by sending me to a ranch in Dallas!" I spat. "don't you dare use that tone with me ever again, and yes we are sending you to Dallas until you can behave. Taylor Rodriguez is coming to pick you up tomorrow, we've already packed for you" "you what? You packed for me, you didn't even give me a heads up, you didn't give me a chance to say goodbye to my friends-" I exclaimed. "friends! Are you kidding? Those kids are a bunch of good for nothing bastards, don't you dare call them your friends, oh and don't even get me started on your so called boyfriend Carter" "I don't take shit from people like you. You have no right to call my friends, you don't know them at all!" I shouted. "I'm gonna tell you this once and once only. I hate you and always will, you will never be family to me. You always blame me for Louise's death but your only trying to stay away from wallowing in your own guilt. I will always know that you made her die and that is the absolute truth. You just don't want to hear it." I pointed out. He opened his mouth to say something but he immediately snapped it shut again. 1-0 to me. I made my way up the spiralling staircase to my bedroom not bothering to look back. I walked down the never ending hallways. I stopped to look at our 'family wall'. There was a picture of my mom modelling a floor length, strapless silver dress, one of my dad in a clean cut black and silver suit, one of me in a hollister blue and pink dress and Louise in a black Chanel dress. The one that made the tears sting was the family picture of all of us looking happy together like a real family did. I ran down the hall into my room, the tears threatening to fall. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialled my bestfriend, Dionne. "hello?" Dionne answered after the second ring. "hey" "how you doing?" "not good. I need to tell you something" I said unsure how to start. "ok shoot" she urged. "I'mMovingToDallas." it all came out in a rush. "you're what!" she screeched. "don't make me say it again" "how, why?" she asked. "my parents. I hate them, they still can't own up to the fact that Louise's death was there fault. They just really want to carry on driving me away don't they? I leave tomorrow and when I leave they are nothing to me anymore." I told her. "Mckenzie hang up right this minute!" my mom barged in. "you've been listening haven't you? Wow you really don't know the meaning of I hate you. Just leave." I instructed he while pointing to the door. "no. I can't have you telling lies about us." "oh really. You know that you caused Louise's death so just admit it. I'm out and don't expect me back." Like that I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs and out of the house. I walked through the Californian sunshine to Carter's house to tell him the good/bad news. Carter isn't all bad like my parents make him out to be. He just has an enormous ego that needs to be tamed alot, but other than that he's the best boyfriend ever now I have to watch our relationship crumble. I made my way up the patio and knocked on the door. "hello Kenzie! Carter is in his room, you can just go on up." mrs Anderson beamed. "hi mrs Anderson. Thank you" I thanked her stepping inside their welcoming home. I cautiously walked up the stairs hoping not to wake Katie, Carter's baby sister up from her nap. I knocked on Carter's door three times before making my way inside. He was topless, his hair dripping wet and he was in a pair of Calvin Klein boxers. Wow. I have to give all of this up? "hey babe" I walked up to him and pecked him on the lips. I pulled away when he decided to crash his lips on mine. His lips moist and moving in synch with mine. He nibbled on my bottom lip asking for entrance. I teased him for a few seconds before letting him slip his tounge into my mouth. We were exploring each others mouths before I pulled away totally out of breath. "why?" he whined. "because I'm out of breath." I replied. "Carter I need to tell you something." "ok" he said patting his bed signalling for me to sit. I willingly sat next to him and relayed the whole story to him, starting from the incident with Mr Jackson to when I left the house. "I leave tomorrow" I finished. "those bastards!" he shouted. "babe calm down. We could try the long distance relationship" I suggested. "I guess so. But what if it doesn't work." "it will work. We'll make it work. I don't know what I would do without you and your support, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I know I've never said this to you but Carter Anderson, I love you." I admitted. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me unto his lap. he started leaving traces of butterfly kisses from my neck up unto my jawline. His hands found his way up my blouse, I arched into him as his touch sent shivers down my spine. He set me down on the bed and hovered over me, pinning my hands over my head. He placed his lips on the crook of my neck and started sucking on it while kissing it as well. "are you giving me a love bite?" I asked. "mhm" he murmured into me. Beep. "urgh" I groaned at the sound of my PDM "was that your PDM?" Carter asked. "yep" I replied pulling out my PDM and reading it. "how in hell am I low. I stopped to get some ice cream and cookies earlier. Urgh. Do you have any pods left?" I asked. I always kept some here because it was basically my second home. "urh yeah. I'll go ask my mom." he replied. I made my way to his bathroom and lifted my top off. I waited for Carter to come back. "hey I'm back and you look hot." he eyed me. "hello! Stop eye-raping me I'm about to die. I've already taken the old one off." I informed him. I watched as he put the insulin inside the new pod and put the required information in my PDA. "you ready?" he asked. I nodded my head. He injected it into me. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth together as he pulled it back out. I pulled my blouse back on. "why put the shirt back on, you look sexy" he complimented. "thank you but I don't like walking around half naked." I told him. "can I ask you something?" "shoot" "can I stay the night? I don't wanna sleep in that hell hole tonight, I wanna spend my last day with my amazing boyfriend." I told him. "yeah sure" Me and Carter spent the whole day snuggled up on the couch watching movies and eating icecream and popcorn. "babe, so what about your figure skating?" Carter asked. "well what about it" "you gonna carry on in Dallas?" "Erm, I dunno. I never really thought about it. It depends." I told him. "on what? Come on babe, you gotta carry on. I love watching you skate, you're amazing." "on wether they have a team over in Dallas. If there is then I'll try out." I reassured. "ok. If you get in, I'll come watch you every time. I will never forget you." he placed a kiss on my forehead. We carried our movie marathon until I slowly drifted to sleep, my head laying on Carter's muscled chest. I opened my eyes slowly and realised Carter was taking me upstairs, me wrapped up in his arms. He laid me down on the bed. He took his shirt and trousers off which left him in only his boxers. I felt the bed dip down as he laid next to me and wrapped me up in his arms. "I love you" he murmured while I drifted off. ********************************* A/N Hey guys ok this is a new story, I'm going to work hard on completing this one. Uploads are on wednesdays but if I don't upload, that means I have school problems or I have no idea what to write. Bye guys >.<
The End

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