Collecting Payment

An alarm clock rang loudly and a woman shouted: Get up Jenna. Its already rung twice.

Yeah sure. Huh? What? Where am I?

In bed stupid. Come on, youll make me late. A boy snapped. 

Oh right, school. She stood, dressed in her uniform, gathered her bag then walked with her brother to school.

Im off to see James.

But Simon wait…”

Excuse me. Im in need of assistance. A very Irish accent said from the side. Slowly and cautiously she turned. A girl with jade green eyes, dark hair down past the small of her back and slightly tanned skin was watching her. Hello there, oh its you again. How fortunate.

You…” She looked to the clothes, the Irish girl wore a vest top with small cardigan and shorts, all one shade of blue. Uh hi again.

You look well, a little out of shape but well. Why are you puffing like that? Was it to do with that boy?

Uh yeah he wanted to play a game of football before lessons, hes my brother. What did you want help with?

Oh well Im after a boy you see, he calls himself: James I think. Do you know someone called James?

Yeah why do you want to see him?

"Im told to take him to the boss, he hasnt paid yet.

Oh right.

And its either payment or death, quite ironic really. We save them then kill if they dont pay up. She chuckled. Well? Can you take me to him?

Sure, but no-one here likes the Irish.

I can care for meself thanks all the same. They walked to a football pitch.

Go away sis! Youre interfering.

James, this girl wants a word. Jenna said, ignoring her brother.

Oh yeah? Sure. He walked up, wiping his neck and grinning.

Id like a word, alone. She said quietly. Jenna notice Nick's smile falter then his eyes narrow.

Sure.” He said cautiously then they walked to the gate were they spoke for a while.

The End

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