The wind whistled through Karen's coat as she briskly walked in the direction of her apartment.  She wished now that she had taken Paul's offer of a ride home.    It was a late night for her as the customers had left the bar later than usual but at the time she thought a walk would do her good and clear her head after a rather unpleasant shift.

As she tightened her coat closer to her neck she was unaware that in the shadows of the night a car was following closely without it's light.  Lost in her thoughts she did not hear the gentle purring of the car's engine. 

However, she did feel a dreadful cold that she felt had absolutely nothing to do with the weather.  She wasn't sure why but a sense of immense fear had overtaken her.  She quickened her pace wishing that her apartment was closer.

Slowly the car behind her inched closer to her.  It was at that moment that she realized it was there.  Sensing danger Karen took one look behind her and ran....

The End

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