Catchy title (life as we knew it)

Matt is out volunteering at the post office when it suddenly begins to snow. It gets thick and ,very heavy. Mom starts to get worried about Matt. They put barrels out to collect the snow for water, but there is still no sign of Matt. Miranda suggests they take turns to wait in the road for Matt, with a oil lamp to guide them home. It is getting dark and hard to see outside, and they are worried Matt could get lost or walk right past the house. Jonny goes first, then Miranda takes over. Miranda i

is weaker than Jonny, and a gust of wind blows her over and her lamp goes out. Then out of the snow Matt appears, and Jonny meets them with a lamp and guides them in. Miranda wakes up to find her mother sick and Jonny has a really bad fever. Matt tries to stand up but sways and has to sit down again. Miranda is the only one who is still well, so she goes to the hospital to get help. But , at the hospital she only finds two nurses, who tell her that everyone else is dead, including Peter. They explain that it is a bad strain of flu, and all she can do is give her family food and fluids and let it run its course. Miranda returns home and tries to look after her family.  THAT IS THE REST OF THE SUMMARY. 


The End

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