What Happens There?

Liok tapped his fingers on the armrest of his marble throne, his unnatural long nails making small grooves, from months of repeating the motion. 

Akir walked in quietly, as quietly as a 7-foot giant could. He stood in front of Liok nervously, playing with a string in his hands.

"Well?" Liok looked up at him, his red eyes hard.

"Nothing yet, sir..." Akir said faintly. "We did find this.." he pulled a ruined saddle from his pocket, holding it out. It had a worn crest on its side, shaped like a single feather with the rune for 'dream' in their language stitched along its edge. 

"That is something." he stood, taking it from Akir, looking at it intently. "This is exactly what I was looking for." 


Mikal watched as she passed him, hurt and confused. He felt stupid for saying what he had, and wanted to apologize. She needed time to cool off first. Apologizing right after saying something wrong would have no affect. Would it.. 

Akira sighed softly, passing her house and going to the small cemetery down the road. She knelt next to a grave, running her fingers across the engraved letters. 


The End

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