Days pass...

Akira sighed softly, sitting on the edge of the dock again. "They're not here... I guess mother was wrong..." 

Mikal stood behind her, his hands in his pockets. "Wrong about what?" 

"The mermaids. She said that if I wasn't careful, they may get me..." she had never told anyone besides herself this, the words rambling on. "And then, Father left... She wouldn't tell me where he went, except for that a mermaid got him..." she said quietly, looking down. "Then I found his journal..."

"I've seen you reading that... why do you keep it if it's falling apart?" 

"It's all I have left of them. My family... they all added something, or had something written about them in it... I can't let their memories die..." 

"But they're in your heart, too, aren't they?"

"My heart?" she scoffed. "My heart doesn't tell me anything anymore." 

"And why don't you trust it?" 

"Why do you act as though you'll be able to fix my problem with sweet words?" she spat, hurt glimmering in her eyes.

He flinched, backing away. "I'm sorry..." he sighed softly, looking away. "I'll.. just go.." he walked back along the dock, heading into town. 

She hugged her knees tightly, staring at the dark water, swirling beneath her dangling feet, moving like her emotions, never staying still. 

The End

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