Dreym Discoveries

"The Prince!" 

"What do you mean he's missing?!" 

"I mean he's gone!!"

"This is a tragedy!"

"What will we do if he grants a wish?! They could get him!" 

"Akir, shut your mouth! Both of them!" Liok slammed his fist on the throne's arm, growling at the two-headed beast before him. 

Akir froze, staring at him with two eyes. "Bu-"

"Shut up. We will find him. And everything will be fine. My stupid little nephew will get back here, and he'll pay for what happened to my dear brother." Liok smirked. "Now get the horse. We'll leave within the hour." 

"...Yessir." Akir padded off, his large webbed, four-toed feet plodding on the ground.

The End

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