Akira stared at the hand, unsure of its intentions, as though it were a foreign animal that could bite her own hand off if she tried to touch it. Mikal stood with the hand held out to her, expectant. His bright, piercing eyes watched her, calculating. 

She looked at the hand, tentatively reaching her own out and taking his, shaking it then backing up a little. "...Well met." she said quietly. 

He smiled at her warmly. 'She seems kind enough.. This house is old though... Does she even have food..?' he looked at her, studying.

She met his eyes, gleaming warmly, but with a hidden danger behind their near mossy green. She pulled her hand away, stepping back a little.

'Dangerous.. Can't...get too close to him...'

But then, in this town, everyone knew everyone else. 

The End

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