He stood, looking into the valley below him. A hopeless, empty place. He watched the fog, misting over the buildings. 

"A ghost town. Just like the others. What do you hope to discover, huh?" a voice asked in the back of his mind. "You won't find someone here." 

He shook the thoughts away with a shrug, adjusting his pack on his shoulder. "And what would you know." he muttered, walking down the road toward the small town. He walked toward a larger building that looked like an inn. "Hello?" he called. The building looked a bit older than the others, with many layers of paint plastered on the crackling walls. 'No desk.' he thought, stepping inside a living room. A decrepit couch was in the room, along with a couple ruined chairs, sitting in front of a cobwebbed fireplace. 

"Hello?" he called again to the seemingly dead air. 

"Hello...?" she called back, stepping out of her room. 'Did someone say hello? In here?' 

"I was just looking for a place to stay." he said, looking up at her. His fierce green eyes pierced her own light grey ones. 

"...A-And you came here?" she asked, incredulous. "You came here." she stepped toward him, looking at him intently, unsure. 

"Aye.. I came here." he repeated in confusion. There was an odd look of loneliness in her eyes, and he met it with a warmth she had not often seen. He wore a light brown tunic, with green breeches and brown boots. A small gold circlet sat atop his hair, small pointed ears sticking out behind. 

"...I'm Akira." she said quietly.

"And I'm Mikal." he held a hand out to her. "Well met." 

The End

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