Aunt ChristieMature

I pushed the cart forward, which held my luggage. Aunt Christie had sent a car that would come and pick me up. I searched for the driver with my name. I found him. He was chubby, with neat blonde hair tucked under a cap.

"Haley Dennison?" he asked, in a thick Australian accent.

"Yup," I smiled.

He winked, helping me with my bags. He placed them neatly into the trunk, and opened the door for me.

"Thank you," I said.

He tipped his hat.

"Your Aunt Christie's house isn't too far. But her son or husband were out at this moment and she doesn't let her daughter drive."

"Oh," I said, awkwardly.

I folded my arms across my chest, letting the cool air conditioner touch my face.

"You'll love it here," he said, "Australia's a wonderful place."

I smiled slightly, looking into the rearview mirror. I didn't realize a dozed off, but I immediately opened my eyes once the car stopped. It was now 9:34 a.m. It was 4:34 p.m. of yesterday at home. The driver gave me my bags and I entered Aunt Christie's house.

It was nice inside with matching furniture, cream-colored walls, maplewood floors, big windows, and soft rugs. Christie rushed downstairs, dressed in a light pencil skirt and white blouse. She tipped the driver. She closed the door before he even turned around to go back to his car. I nonchalantly waved at him from the window. Then I looked at her. She walked to the open kitchen, and looked at me, giving me a fake smile.

"Hello, Haley," she said, "I'm your Aunt Christie."

I nodded. She tied her pin straight, lifeless light brown hair up into a tight ponytail. She positioned her black framed glasses neatly onto her nose. She was thin with no hips or boobs. I mean, she had them but they were like... an A.

"Well," she said, breaking the silence with a smooth and dull voice, "your cousin Brady should be home soon as well as Uncle John. Anna's upstairs. We're having chicken tonight."

That's it? That's all she was gonna say to me? Holy crap.

"Should I go upstairs with my bags?"

"Yes. You're sharing a room with Anna."

I started going upstairs.

"Wait, Haley. Let me tell you the rules around here. No foul language, no drinking or any type of drugs, no boys, no late nights, no late phone calls, no junk food, no porn, no sex, and no T.V. or computer after 10:45. Do you understand?"

I didn't understand. At all.


The End

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