Goodbye, Baby!Mature

I kissed him, in the middle of the airport. My bag was on the ground next to him, my legs wrapped around his waist, and arms encircling his neck.

"I'm gonna miss you," I whispered over and over again.

He smiled.

"Call everyday," he said.

"I will. Damn..."

I knew I was being clingy. But I just couldn't do it. And now it was too late to turn back. I kissed him again, jumping off after.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you, too, baby."

I could feel the tears stinging in my eyes.

"Aw, shit," he said, "don't cry."

"I know," I said, fanning myself dramatically, "I'm such a bitch, sometimes."

"You're my little bitch, babe."

"Oh god," I smiled.

He wiped one small tear that escaped.

"You're so dramatic," he whispered.

"That's why I'm an actress."

I clutched onto my bag.

"You're gonna be late, Hales."

"I know. Jakey!"


"I'm fucking gonna miss you... shit... this is so... hard!"

He smiled, wrapping his arms around me.

"You'll be fine, babe."

"Thanks," I mumbled, into his sleeve.

He laughed, kissing my forehead. I leaned up to kiss one more time. One last time. He told me he loved me again. And I told him too. I meant it. I walked to my gate to board my flight.


I was a little early. They didn't start boarding yet. My heart felt swollen, a lump lodged itself in my throat. I curled up on my seat, an arm on my carry on.

"Flight 178," the speaker said, "we are starting to board the plane."

I got up, reluctantly, entering the line. I was soon in the plane, searcing for my seat. My mom booked me a first class ticket, since I was travelling alone. I found my comfortable cubicle. I relaxed myself, buckling my seatbelt, placing the headphones on my ears. I prepared myself for a long and lonely flight.

The End

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