We sat against the headboard, holding our knees up to our chests, instead lying down, snuggling in the covers, kissing. Nope. We just sat there, smiling, laughing, and messing around in our underwear.

"Shit," he said, "I'm gonna miss this."

"I know you are," I said, punching his shoulder.

"When's your mom's fiance coming over?"

"He should be here soon. I don't how far his house is... or anything."

"You need to now where your daddy lives,  babe."

"My dad lives in New York, dumbass."

"Well... this one's gonna be living with you soon."

"Not really."

He rolled his eyes, grabbing his dress pants off the floor. He slipped into them, looking for his tie.

"Can I get my shirt?" he asked.

I pulled it tight.

"Nope," I said, "I'm keeping it."

"What am I supposed to wear?"

"That tie over there."

He turned around.

"I'm gonna look like a tool."

"I'll get you my brother's shirt."

I slipped into my jeans for the flight, buttoning Jacob's dress shirt. I opened the door, hearing the familiar screech. I walked next door, avoiding the balcony above the living room where my mom was reading on the couch. I walked in.

"Um," Levi said, "you could knock."

"I need to borrow a shirt," I said, ignoring him.

He was lying down on his bed, reading a magazine.

"You just had sex," he remarked, reluctantly getting up from his bed to look through his drawer.


"You probably lost your virgnity before me."

"When did you lose yours?"

"How old am I again? 19... right... when I was 18. So last year."

I grinned.

"With him?" he asked, throwing me a shirt.


"You're a slut," he laughed.

"Nah... more of a... whore?"

"Fine, whore."

I rolled my eyes.

"I do not know what Jacob sees in you. He could do way better."

I jumped onto the bed, slapped his ass, until he pushed me back.

"You're a lunatic, Hales," he winked.

"I know. And you're gonna miss me."

"I know."

"Ok..." I said, sitting down on his bed, "is... Dr. Hugh nice?"

"He was your pediatrician. You know him."

"I know... but... are him and mom..."

"Well, they're engaged. And... they're pretty touchy and nasty. But it's all good."


"What do you mean 'why'?"

"How did this happen?"

"I don't know. I just like came home a week ago. Ask Matt. He was home this whole time."

Matt walked in conveniently at that moment.

"Ask me what?"

"About Dr. Hugh?"

"Oh... well, you could call him Frank, by the way. And... he's pretty cool. And stuff."

"And stuff?"

"Well, since my bedroom's next to mom's... I hear them coming home late every night... and well... they aren't exactly when they..."

"Ok, stop right there. I don't wanna know about Sandra's sex life."

"Whatevs. It's pretty entertaining. They talk about you. Me. Levi. Jacob... even."

"While they fuck?" Levi asked.

"No, idiot. Just when they sit there and talk."

"Mattykins," I said, patting the seat next to mine, "don't get used to it. You're going to Hill Top this September."

"So, um," Jacob said, walking in, "sorry to interrupt your sibling thingy... but I think your mom's making out with your guys' new daddy. And... you're supposed to meet him."

I threw him Levi's shirt, quickly. He slipped into it.

"Your welcome for the shirt, by the way," Levi smiled, walking out the door.

Matt started asking Jacob about the girls at Hill Top. And I rolled my eyes, following them down the stairs. My mom immediately detached herself from Dr. Hugh, fixed her hair, while he wiped his mouth and fixed his shirt.

"Hey guys," he smiled.

Jacob, feeling awkward, went into the kitchen to search for food.

"Hey, Frank," Matt said, high-fiving him.

Levi nodded upwards, sitting down on the couch.

"Haley," Frank said, opening his arms for an embrace.

I shuddered, thinking about what Jacob said, but awkwardly stepped into the hug.

"Hi... Dr. Hugh."

"Call me Frank, doll," he said, sitting back on the couch.

My mom sat next to him. I saw Jacob standing in the kitchen doorway, clearly enjoying this stupid family thing. He sipped his Mountain Dew.

"I see you... like men's dress shirts," Dr. Hugh noted.

Jacob coughed loudly and obnoxiously, and obviously did not hold back his laughter. My mom shushed him and he wiped his mouth, walking back into the kitchen laughing even louder.

"Is that... Jacob?"

"That's Jacob."

"Funny young fellow."

I rolled my eyes, sitting on the chaise.

"So, you're going to Australia?"


"I'm sorry I couldn't come to your graduation," he apoligized, taking a sip of his water bottle, "and what exactly are you doing in Australia?"

"See, Frankie, she wants to be an actress. I thought that was just silly... but I told her she could go... and come back and see what she thinks then," my mom said, looking down upon me.

I was so annoyed.

"An actress?" he asked, surprised, "Why, you should be a doctor like me!"

He laughed and my mom immediately laughed along with him. Matt, Levi, and I just stared at them.

"Um..." I added.

"I was joking, dear."

But he wasn't. You could tell he didn't want to have his step-daughter be an actress.

"Well, it was nice meeting you... it's almost ten and I have to get to the airport."

He smiled, got up and hugged me. My mom, tears welling up in her eyes, hugged me tightly.

"Call everyday," she said, "and if there's a problem I'll be boarding a flight to Australia the minute you tell me, sweetie."

I smiled.

"Ok, mom. I love you."

I hugged Matt tightly, and Levi spun me around. Jacob went upstairs to get my bags.

"We'll miss you, sis," Levi said.

"Yeah," Matt smiled.

Jacob came downstairs.

"Ready?" he asked.


"Bye, honey," my mom called as I walked out the door, "I'll miss you and I love you."

Everyone waved and I loaded the bags with Jacob.

"Bring back my shirt, Jake!" Levi shouted.

Jacob smiled and nodded. He started the car after closing the trunk, and I slid into the passenger seat, holding back annoying tears. And I waved goodbye.

The End

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