Last DanceMature

Time flew by. It was like sand, slipping through my fingers. I wished it was like mud. I could drop it whenever I wanted. Stupid little bastard. Stupid time.

Tonight was Prom. In a few days came graduation. And then I would be leaving for Australia, without my friends, my family, or my Jacob.

I slipped into a shimmering sapphire blue gown, letting my blonde waves out.

"Ok, bitches," I said, smiling, "ready for the last dance?"

"Oh shit," Grace said, adjusting her glittery pink dress, "I'm gonna cry."

I grinned. Somebody knocked on the door. Dan. He walked in, linking his arm through Grace.

"Are you guys together again?" Anne Marie asked, shaking her head.

"No. But he asked me so cutely that I had to say yes. Besides, a bunch of other guys that asked me were ugly. Just 'cause I'm single. Damn."

I rolled my eyes, watching the door open. Jacob walked in, wearing a loosely tucked in white shirt and matching blue tie. His brown hair was tousled perfectly. He held a jacket in his hand.

"Shit," he said, "we look sexy."

"Shit, we do," I said, kissing him.

"So, yeah. I actually bought a corsage, babe. You surprised?"

"Awww, Jakey," I pouted.

I knew he hated when I got emotional so I purposely pinched his cheek. I held out my hand, letting him slip the flowers onto my wrist. We walked out the limo the guys rented. It was dark, stars spread across the blanket of black. We reached the Hilton Hotel, where Prom was to be held, walking in.

"Smile," said the photographer.

Jacob held me by my waist against the backdrop.

"Shit," Jake said, "this is hot."

He looked around the hall, grabbed me a punch, which he mostly drank, and he dropped our stuff on the table.

"I love you, Hales," he winked.

"Love you, too," I said, taking his hand and leading him to the dance floor.  

The End

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