Chapter Thirty-sevenMature

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Lewis barked a laugh and I glanced round the corner. Zack was backing away and from the angle I could see part of his face. His eyes were too shiny, I needed to stop this now.
“Don't believe us then. I don't care,” Lewis said, a scary grin on his face.
“I'm just here for payback gay-boy. No one tries to makes me look dumb,” he continued, his voice low and threatening as he glared at Zack.
“I don't need to try Lewis. You do that with your own ignorance,” Zack replied. His voice was calmer, did that mean he saw through the act?
“You dick, I'll-” I cut Lewis off by catching his fist. I felt my wrist complain from the strain and gritted my teeth.

“Leave my boyfriend the hell alone,” I muttered and shoved his fist back. There was something comical about the surprise on his face. He recovered and a knowing smile took its place.
“You sure he's still your boyfriend? After everything between you and Derek-” Lewis started. I cut him off by shoving him aside.
“Good reminder,” I said, storming up to Derek. None of Lewis' lackeys waited to be pushed out of the way.
“Why?” I asked, crossing my arms. I had no clue if Zack was still behind me. But I couldn't ignore everything between me and Derek.
“You kissed me mate-”

“Stop with the dumb story Derek. You liked me and I turned you down because I was with Zack. I guess I forgot you're a spoiled brat. You were giving Amber crap before afterall. But we were best friends for years jerk. Couldn't you just be happy for me and move on?” I hadn't meant to ramble quite that much. I saw a myriad of emotions going over his face. It looked like guilt was a common one. I felt my shoulders relax a little, maybe at last, I'd gotten through to him.
“Why didn't you tell me?” Zack asked. I kept my attention on Derek who gave a small nod.
“He was respecting my secret,” Derek whispered, but in the silence it was loud enough to hear.
“Well, he is a nice person like that,” Zack said.
“He's an amazing person,” Derek reiterated. I couldn't figure out if I should be worried or complimented by the odd exchange.

“Is everything good now?” I asked, glancing between the two. I knew I'd have to explain things further to Zack. I just needed to know he didn't believe I really cheated.
“No,” Lewis answered instead, his eyes glaring at Zack.
“Not until the rich git gets it, it's not,” he finished. I saw he getting ready to rush him and threw myself in the way.
“No!” At first it was my voice, then Zack's took over. Derek and the other's might've joined in but I couldn't really figure it out. I was too distracted by the sharp pain in my stomach. My vision grew blurry.
“Shit, Lewis! Are you insane?!” someone shouted. I cried out as a new razor pain shot through me.
“I'll get help!” that was Derek shouting, his voice growing distant.
“Mikey-boy, stay with me okay. You're going to be fine, you'll be fine,” Zack's voice was panicked and he kept repeating the words like a mantra.

The pain slowly faded as I slipped out of consciousness.

The End

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