Chapter Thirty-TwoMature

Chapter Thirty-Two

“Maybe we should ask her later?” I asked, we could both see that she and Amber were talking. It looked like a pretty serious conversation.
“Yeah, let's go find somewhere else to-” Zack's speaking was cut off by someone else.
“I was wondering where the schools biggest weirdos had gotten to.” Lewis looked much the same as he had last they'd seen him. Sneer on his face and uncut hair dangling messily in front of his eyes.
“Being gay isn't weird. I don't call it weird when you check out Amber,” Zack replied. Lewis seemed to take a few seconds to think of a response. Zack really did a good job of making him look dumb.

“Maybe you don't get it. Being straight is normal. A guy liking a guy? That's not right,” Lewis pointed out. I glanced at his usual posse and saw Derek hanging near the back.
“It's just another form of love idiot, get over it,” Zack said, his voice growing more annoyed as he spoke.
“What did you just call me fag?” Lewis half yelled. People were starting to notice now, I had a bad feeling things were going to get worse.
“We should go,” I whispered, grabbing Zack's hand.
“No,” Zack said, loud enough that Lewis could hear. I starred at Zack like he was insane. Lewis wasn't weak, if Zack tried to take him on I knew Zack wouldn't come out of it the better off one.
“I called you an idiot. An ignorant one at that,” Zack threw, I realised Zack was completely determined, nothing I could do would stop this. I glanced around, hoping a teacher would see and step in.

“Just cause you come from some fancy private school you think your better than us now? Guess that must mean your smarter than your boyfriend too. Wonder how he feels about that,” Lewis replied. I blinked, I don't think Zack expected something like that to come up either.
“The only reason I had to go to a private school was because of people like you. You don't like gay people? Fine, but keep the opinion to yourself. I don't make fun of the fact that you're clearly over-sensitive. But you cover that fact by beating on others and acting like the tough bully. Sorry, the tactic doesn't work on me. I wouldn't be surprised if your a little confused,” Zack said. I saw the moment Lewis snapped. People had described it to me before, but I'd never seen it in person. This was why people didn't try to challenge Lewis. His temper could become very violent, very suddenly.
“Stop!” I'd been ready to yell it and step between them but Derek had been the one to do it.

“If we do it here we get detention. Just save it for when we planned,” Derek said. Lewis considered his words.
“Fine,” he spat back, glaring at Zack. They walked off and I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Why did you do that?” I asked, turning to look at Zack.
“You mean why did I defend myself?” he asked, confused.
“Lewis isn't just a bully Zack. I made you come to this school. I don't want to feel guilty because you end up going through the same thing as before,” I replied. Zack watched me in surprise, then pulled me into a sudden hug.
“You worry about others too much,” he muttered against my neck.
“Personality hazard I guess,” I replied with a half shrug.
“Let's go eat and then get to class,” Zack suggested. We headed to the cafeteria and as we ate I wondered what exactly Lewis and Derek were planning.

German sped by as I thought about it, I even made a simply mistake, though this time Miss Dale looked too distracted to really notice or care about it. She just corrected me and went asked someone else another question. When history arrived Amber sat next to me again and I studied Derek's back. How had we managed to go from best friends to enemy’s so quickly? All because of one thing I couldn't help. Except it wasn't that simply. But I knew now I could've never been with him, not when he's possessive enough to go to these lengths. I remembered how he'd looked in the bathroom, close to crazy. maybe I should ask Miss Dale to see him. If Derek was really all there and planning things with Lewis...I didn't want to contemplate the combination. Everyone already knew Lewis was off his chain.

“Ugh, who cares about the cold war, it's not like it enters real life,” Amber muttered as she listened to the teacher. I considered things between Lewis and Zack.
“It kind does. When people aren't openly fighting, but you know they want to hurt each other,” I replied. Amber frowned and thought about it.
“I guess that describes us only a week ago,” She said with a laugh. I laughed too, had it really only been a week? Amber had changed so completely in my eyes. She still made the odd mean comment on another girls fashion choices, but she'd mostly mellowed out and stopped being a bully. I had a feeling Lily had a lot to do with it, I really wanted to ask her what was going on, but Lily seemed unlikely to open up anytime soon.
“Are things fine?” I asked, hoping Amber understood my question.
“I wouldn't say fine. We're not at each others throat. But It's going to be a while before she really trusts me again I think,” Amber replied. So was Derek the issue? No, if anything Amber dumped him for Lily. Then again Amber's a natural flirt, maybe Lily had some issues accepting that.

The End

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