Chapter Thirty-oneMature

Chapter Thirty-one

I woke up before Zack and snuck out of the bed to get ready. I showered quickly and got sorted, smiling uncontrollable at the memories of last night. When I re-emerged Zack was still snoring softly, I couldn't help but just stand and watch. Then a loud knock broke the silence.
“Get up gay boys!” Amber shouted through the wood, jerking Zack awake. He grumbled something about wanting to stay asleep then realised I was up.
“How the hell do you wake up at this time?” he asked, pulling himself out of bed and yawning.
“Because I usually have to get up earlier than this and start walking,” I pointed out. Zack's eyes widened and he glanced at the clock.

“It's already quarter to seven though,” he said and I shook my head.
“I usually get up around five,” I replied and his eyes widened more.
“That's insane. From now on I'm giving you lifts to school,” Zack said, his voice decided enough that I knew arguing would be pointless.
“Fine,” I shrugged. Getting a lie-in couldn't hurt at the end of the day. I sorted out my bag as Zack got showered and dressed. This time I did sneak a peak, admiring what I'd seen the night before.
“No fair, I didn't see you,” Zack threw over his shoulder when he caught me in the act.
“Then wake up earlier,” I threw back with a grin. Zack frowned at that, I guess normally I might've blushed.

“I wonder what today's going to be like,” Zack said as he grabbed his own stuff.
“Depends on whether Lewis leaves us alone. Which is going to be unlikely since you annoyed him,” I pointed out, Zack shrugged.
“Not my fault he's easy to wind up. That guy probably has issues of his own,” Zack said. I raised an eyebrow at him but he didn't say anymore. I couldn't figure out if Zack was simply explaining Lewis' behaviour, or sympathising with the bully a little.
I hoped the day passed by quickly as we approached the school's double doors. I admit I was a little annoyed about missing my double art session as I walked into food. But at least it gave me a chance to find Kim. Thanks to yesterday me and Zack couldn't get to the youth centre.
Miss Dale told us to get in pairs, pick a kitchen and follow the recipe, which was a pasta dish. I was pulling out the ingredients when Kim rushed in and joined me without even asking.

“Enjoy the day off?” she asked as she looked at what they were making.
“Yep,” I replied. Suddenly embarrassed as I remembered everything that had happened. I saw that Kim had leaned in close and was studying me with raised eyebrows, her lips turned into a knowing smile.
“What?” I asked, feeling my cheeks grow hotter under the scrutiny.
“You and Zack totally did it,” Kim stated before grabbing a mixing bowl from the cupboard. I contemplated denying it, then decided that was a pointless thing to do. And why should I at the end of the day?
“It was great, thanks for asking,” I said, trying to channel the easygoing air Zack always pulls off. Kim mouthed dropped open and she laughed.

“Well, good for you,” she said with a smile. Her phone beeped and after a quick glance to check Miss Dale wasn't watching she pulled out her mobile. A smile broke her lips as she read her text, she quickly tapped a response and put her phone away again.
“So you manage to go to group yesterday,” I said, guessing something had happened between her and the mystery girl.
“Yes, something happened,” she said, grinning like a hyper child.
“Uh-huh,” I pushed for more information and Kim laughed.
“It was just a kiss, I don't know if it'll be more. We exchanged numbers and we've been texting pretty much constantly. But she goes to a school on the other side of the city so we don't get to meet up much. Though she said one her college choices was the same as mine. So maybe we can go there together,” Kim said, jumping a little on the spot at the thought.
“Which one is that?” I asked, everyone was talking about college but no one said where they wanted to go.

“Long Road College. I asked Lily where she was going and she's thinking about Hills Road,” Kim replied. Long Road took average students whilst Hills Road took the A and B students. Lily would be able to get in fine. It was probably the college Zack was aiming for. I knew if I tried, I could get in too. But Long Road seemed more easy-going, and their art program looked a lot better.
The break came and went but I couldn't get my mind off where I should apply for college.
“What's up?” Zack asked, pulling me from my thoughts. Then I remembered I was supposed to be explaining something to him.
“Nothing,” I brushed it off and jumped straight into complicated maths terminology. Soon enough he forgot about before as he tried to get it. Maths seemed to take an age to pass, usually this lesson sped by for me. I guess before college had never mattered because other than Derek, there was no one I really wanted to go to a college with.

“Which college are you going to?” I finally ask, Zack looked a little thrown by the question.
“Erm, I don't know,” Zack replied. For some reasons his genuine confusion made me laugh.
“Neither do I,” I said when he looked at me like I crazy.
“All my old friends are going to posh, private ones. Lily's thinking about hills road, seeing as she going to become some high-end business women,” Zack joked.
“I guess your going to go to college with her then? You guys have been best friends for a long time,” I replied. I didn't feel hurt or anything by the implications. If we went to different colleges we'd still find time to see each other.
“Which one are you thinking about?” Zack asked and I shrugged.
“Considering long road, but I don't know,” I said with a vague hand gesture. Zack seemed to consider the two, probably weighing it all up and trying to come to a decision.
“I guess we need to convince Lily to go to long road then,” Zack said. I laughed and shook my head. When the bell went for lunch Zack grabbed my hand and half ran to the field to find Lily.

The End

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