Chapter Twenty-NineMature

Chapter Twenty-nine

The thing dragged on for some time but eventually everyone left. I could feel his eyes on me most of the time but ignored them.
“We're off,” was the only thing I heard from him when he'd come to grab Jaz. She nodded and said her goodbyes before going. When it was over I joined Zack in collapsing onto the sofa. I opened my eyes after rubbing them a little and saw Zack's dad. He hadn't approached either of us during the party but now he was standing in front of us both.
“So you're the Michael boy,” was his greeting. I wanted to throw back some witty comment but remembered Zack's warning. I nodded and he turned to Zack. He wasn't relaxed anymore, in fact he looked the same as he had when the party started. Subdued and unsure of himself.

“Well, you were okay tonight. You can stay with Zack but don't make a spectacle of yourselves. I don't want what could be a phase to damage his future.” I felt my jaw open a little bit he ignored and left. How Zack classed that as accepting his orientation confounded me.
“Sorry about that. Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea....” Zack trailed off. For a split second I thought he meant us and panicked. Then he motioned to the room, despite the numerous people that had been here, the room still looked near-perfect.
“I'd have to meet your dad eventually. The only plus is Friday night can't possibly be as bad,” I said and Zack laughed.
“Don't challenge fate,” he joked. I closed the distance between us and met his lips. When I pulled away it was with a face.

“Cigarette isn't a nice taste,” I said with a frown. I didn't realise he'd sneaked out for one, but I guess it was understandable. Zack snorted and kissed me again, I made a grossed out sound in the back of my throat even though I was making out as strongly as he was.
“Ugh, get a room,” Amber complained. We pulled apart and I turned to see that Amber was out of her dress, wearing plain jeans and a vest top. She didn't have any make-up on so I could see the tired circles under her eyes.
“What are you starring at?” she asked then glanced down at herself.
“Hey, even beauty queens need a break from looking kick-ass,” she said with a smug grin, crossing her arms. Yup, she was definitely back to herself. Zack stood up and took my hand.

“Any clue how to pass the time till sleep?” Zack asked. Amber shrugged, as did I.
“Your the one with the big house full of stuff,” I said with a laugh.
“So...gaming or movies? Those are our options? Boringgggg,” Amber whined.
“Did we say you had to join us?” I asked.
“Oh, I see. So you two want to do some one-on-one activities?” she asked with a knowing grin. I felt my cheeks burn and heard Zack stifle a laugh.
“What do you do during your freetime?” Zack asked, I shrugged.
“I don't know...draw, homework, studying-”
“Oh my god, your life sounds terrible, you must do something outside of school!” Amber yelled. I frowned and thought harder.

“I used to do a lot of cooking, though haven't had a chance recently,” I said, it was the only thing I could think off. Luckily Amber forgot I did cooking at school so didn't tease me about it still being school-related. Which it wasn't really. I'd done cooking before I choose it at school.
“You can cook?” Zack asked, dumbfounded by the possibility.
“Yeah, had to learn since mum wasn't always able to make food,” I said with a shrug.
“Show us!” Amber yelled, clapping her hands together with a big smile. I blinked and backed away a step. Amber was the most bubbly and relaxed I'd ever seen her. Not to mention she was acting like we were friends.

“Err...sure?” I answered uncertainly. Did neither of them really not know a thing? Amber led the way to the main hall and to another door from there. The only plus was I was slowly building up a map of the place. The kitchen was huge, everything was stainless steel with a huge fridge, double cookers and a pantry. If the flooding was still bad tomorrow I had a feeling I might go crazy for breakfast. It wasn't like I'd have to hold back here ingredients-wise.
“Do you know where stuff is?” I asked after I'd recovered from the shock. Amber blinked and looked at Zack who shrugged. So they definitely didn't know a thing about the kitchen. I went around opening cupboards and drawers to work out what we had. A lot of it was stuff I'd wished we owned but never had the money to buy, like electric whisks and mixers. When I knew where everything was I turned to the other two. They'd both taken a stool by the counter and were watching me.
“What?” I asked, feeling self-conscious.

“Do you know what half that stuff does?” Amber asked, genuine interest on her voice. Oh, wow. Zack seemed as clueless and I had to fight not to laugh. Guess there are some disadvantages to being rich kids afterall.
“Yes, I do. So what are we making?” I asked.
“Errrr, but, we don't know how to do-” Zack began.
“Never too late to learn,” I replied, pulling him off the stool and towards the counter. Amber followed, still looking excited.
“Maybe we should change into cloths we don't mind getting messy,” Zack suggested. I agreed and directed Amber to the shelf of cooking books I'd already spied, telling her to pick what we'd make. She seemed quite happy to have that role as I followed Zack. I found it amusing that he was the flustered and embarrassed one. Though that quickly faded when the door shut and his lips were on mine. The hard wood of the door behind me was uncomfortable but I didn't really care as our bodies pressed together. Zack's hand untucked my shirt and caressed the skin of my waist, making me shiver.

“Amber will get annoyed if we take too long,” I said when we broke apart for air. Zack mumbled something incoherent but stood back with a regretful sigh. I'd packed a few things before I'd left my own house and pulled out an old, faded pair of jeans and an old band t-shirt. I tried not to feel too self-conscious as we both dressed. Luckily we did with backs to each other. So thankfully Zack didn't see just how excited that kiss had made me. Though based on his growing frustration, it was probably the same for him.

The End

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