Chapter Twenty-FiveMature

Chapter Twenty-Five

The rent plan pretty much failed, within twenty minutes my eyes grew heavy. When I next woke them there was light coming from somewhere to my right. I breathed in rubbed at my eyes. That's when I realised I was still at Zack's, in his bed. The light was from the window to my right, a clock was also on the bed stand, telling me I needed to hurry home if I wanted to get a change of cloths. I turned to my left and saw Zack, snoring softly. He looked younger when he was asleep. I considered taking a picture with my phone but it went off before I could do it. I answered it quickly and got out of the bed, hoping I hadn't woken up Zack.

“Hey mum,” I said, hoping I sounded apologetic.
“Well, at least I know you're not dead,” she muttered down the line making me wince.
“Sorry, I fell asleep at Zack's and only just woke up. Guess Zack decided it'd be better to let me sleep than wake me up,” I replied. The ruffle of cloth reached me and I glanced over my shoulder. Damn, Zack had woken up. He saw the phone in my hand and tried to stifle a loud yawn.
“He probably thought you were too cute to wake up,” she teased. I felt my cheeks redden, which made Zack raise a curious eyebrow. God forbid he meet my mum, they'd have a field day with the teasing.
“Yeah, well I'll head over as soon as I can,” I said. Mum laughed and I wondered why.
“Look out the window hun,” she finally said. I frowned but pulled the curtain aside, Zack leaned across the bed to look out too.

“Damn, guess no school for us then,” Zack mumbled. Looks like the rain had come back for one final say during the night. Huge puddles stretched over the roads, which lacked any cars.
“Are you okay?” I asked mum, we both knew I meant the house.
“Just a little carpet damage near the door. I'll grab some extra shifts to make up the repair money. Don't worry,” she said with a sigh. Like that made much difference, I always worried and she knew it. She said goodbye and I murmured it back.
“We should probably head to yours so you can change,” Zack mumbled. Getting out of bed. It was then I realised he only had pyjama bottoms on. Zack's thin form had been very misleading, because that chest was definitely all muscle.

“But you won't drive to school?” I asked, trying to distract myself.
“We live on a hill. I imagine the flooding around school is a lot worse,” Zack pointed out. I had to agree. Zack headed into another door and I heard a shower start up. En-suite bathroom, of course, why wouldn't they have those too?
“Will your dad's thing still happen tonight?” I asked through the door.
“Probably with my luck,” he shouted back.
“Well, hope there isn't a dress-code,” I said. Zack laughed and the door opened next to me. I tried really hard not to watch him move about the room with only a towel wrapped round his waist.
“Sorry, but my dad doesn't do anything without a suit and tie,” Zack replied, pulling jeans and a shirt from his chest of drawers. I turned away when he started getting dressed. Maybe he was comfortable but I figured after yesterday it'd be a little unfair of me to admire him.

“Is that a problem?” Zack asked, his voice much closer. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw him buttoning up his shirt.
“Ermm, don't own a tie, let alone a suit,” I said, trying not to feel embarrassed about that. You didn't worry about fancy cloths when you needed food more. Zack blinked once then twice and nodded.
“Okay then, yours then into the city,” Zack said with a small smile.
“You aren't buying me a suit,” I muttered, because I could try by the little gleam in his eye he was planning something.
“No, I'm buying one for me...that happens to be your size,” Zack added, heading for the bedroom door before I could make more objections. At least the drive to mine wasn't too bad. Though mum may have play downed the damage to the front door. When I walked in the carpet around it was a small puddle.

“You want to call someone?” Zack asked. I sent him a look that very clearly said not too. Zack signed but left it alone. It was bad enough he was insisting on buying me fancy cloths I'll probably only use once. I headed into my room, grabbing a change of cloths then raced into the bathroom. When I came out again, changed and a lot less grubby that this morning, I saw Zack was on the sofa looking around. I sat down next to him, my hair was still dripping, whereas he had used a hair-drier on his.
“Not what you're used I guess,” I said, taking in his mix of shock and confusion.
“Sorry, it's...” he trailed off and sighed.
“I can't say anything without sounding like a patronizing idiot,” he muttered, I spluttered a laugh with my head shaking.
“The fact you're aware of it means it's less likely,” I pointed out, “Should we go back to yours?” I added after a few moments of quiet.

“Can I see your room first?” Zack asked. I hesitated, it wasn't like my room was special so I didn't know why he was interested in seeing it. I shrugged and led him down our tiny hallway, one side was the door to mums room, on the other the doors to the bathroom and my room. I opened the second door and let Zack walk in first. There wasn't a lot of standing space so I sat on the bed, trying not to feel self-conscious.
“Nice drawings,” Zack said, tilting his head to the side to look at the stuff I'd stuck on the walls. Some were drawn a few years ago, others more recently. It was easy to compare how bad I used to be.
“Thanks,” I murmured, hating my cheeks tendency to blush at almost anything. Zack sat down next to me and turned to look at me.
“So, guess I know why you're so smart,” Zack said with a laugh.
“I could also be intellectual gifted on top of the free time,” I pointed out sarcastically making Zack stutter another laugh.

“Wouldn't surprise me,” he said, turning to meet my eyes. I leaned forward and kissed him, weaving my hands through his hair again. When we pulled away we were both breathing harshly. Zack's cheeks had turned flushed.
“Nice not to be the only one,” I whispered. Zack kissed me again as form of reply, I felt him groan against my lips.
“We should head into town,” he said, breaking off the kiss abruptly and standing up.

The End

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