Chapter TwentyMature

Chapter Twenty

I got up and ready before the alarm could sound or my mum could wake up and try to talk me into giving a jerk a second chance. Well, technically his third. His first was when I saw him when I was six and he ignored me. Talking harshly to my mum about what she can and can't do. The second time was when I was twelve. I'd managed to get hold of his office number and called. The moment I told him who I was, the line went dead.
I also wanted out fast because I wanted to get to school before Derek. I didn't really want to see him after yesterday, though I would have no choice second period since it was English. At least I'd finally have someone with me in my maths class and not just anyone. Zack, and the school knew. But I had a feeling kissing Zack in front of dozens of people might be pushing my luck. I squinted and held a hand to my forehead against the harsh sunlight. It looked like after all the rain, we had a cloudless day at last. I shed my hoodie within five minutes of walking, guess summer was making itself known in a big way. I shoved the hoodie in my bag and kept walking, noting how close one strap was to breaking.

I got to school before any of the big crowds, it was weird to wonder the corridors when they were deserted. I heard sound from the dining hall and wondered if anyone I knew was in yet. I walked in and saw Lewis, the guy from paint balling. He and his friends chatter died down when they saw me, I recognised another from the paint-balling. I didn't talk to this lot much because they weren't just part of the in-crowd, they were the bullies of it. Lewis turned to study me, his messy pale, blonde hair half hid his face and I had no hope for reading his expression.
“Hey guys,” I said, but none of them seemed inclined to say anything. Lewis turned his back to me and they continued talking. I felt my jaw clench and then walked out. I didn't even like them, so why did I care? It was obvious no one was coming to school anytime soon so I headed to the library, it'd been a while since I'd been there. The room smelled of old dust and ink, none of the computers had been turned on yet and the small office at the back was closed. It didn't look like anyone was around so I wondered through the shelves, seeing if there was anything new I hadn't read yet. I heard a shuffle as the door opened and glanced round the corner of a shelf to see Kim.

“What happened?!” I yelled, realising she was holding a blood-covered tissue to her nose. She let a squeak of surprise before she realised it was me. She let out a long sigh and lowered the tissue to see if it was still bleeding, safe to say it was. She quickly covered her nose again.
“I thought since you and Zack weren't getting crap, I could open up too. Turns out girls hit hard when they want to,” Kim said. A sad smile tugging the corners of her lips.
“Are you going to be okay? Or was that a dumb question?” I asked and she chuckled softly.
“I'll be fine, besides it's Wednesday tomorrow. Hopefully I'll see that girl again,” Kim said.
“Which girl?” I asked, grabbing one of the chairs of the nearest table, she took another and began to rant.

“You didn't get introduced since you were out talking to Zack. Her name's Alisha and she's just so beautiful and, god, I feel like a such a girl right now. But I think maybe she likes me back. But I don't have much experience in flirting with other girls. I think she was flirting but, no clue,” Kim shrugged. But I could see a slight shine in her eye, this was more important to her than she was making out.
“Well, you'd better introduce us tomorrow. Better make sure she'd good enough for you,” I joked.
“I think it's a question of am I good enough for her,” Kim replied.
“Of course you are, any girl would be dumb not to want you,” I said. Kim sent me a grateful smile and pulled the tissue away a second time, looked like the bleeding had stopped.
“We better head downstairs, people will start arriving now,” Kim said. Right, for a second I forgot about all the craziness with Derek. I took a deep breath and followed Kim down the stairs and into the main corridor. I'd barely left the first step before I was shoved roughly onto the steps. Which were, ow, stone.

“What the hell, Derek?!” Kim yelled, bodily shoving him towards the wall, not that he moved much. He was a lot stronger than Kim. He completely ignored her and met my eyes. But they didn't look the same, there was no easy smile accompanying them.
“Fag,” He muttered. Then he turned his back to me and walked away. Behind him his gaggle of friend muttered similar words. Lewis was amongst them and he was practically shaking with glee. Which confirmed my suspicions that he'd only left me alone because he wasn't sure what Derek would say or do.
“So much for Derek not caring...” Kim trailed off and all I could do was nod. I felt my eyes beginning to burn and stood up fast. I began walking with my head down. Is he doing this just because I wouldn't return his feelings? Derek never took rejection well, but this was extreme for him.
“Are you okay?” Kim asked, funny how quickly our roles reversed. I nodded quietly, but I could feel something trail down my cheeks. Kim grabbed my arm and pulled me into the nearest classroom. She rummaged around a desk before handing me a tissue.

“What are you two doing in here?” We both turned to see Miss Dale. I quickly turned away, last thing I needed was the counsellor see me cry. Luckily Kim's nose still looked red enough that Miss Dale jumped to the wrong conclusion.
“If anyone is bothering both you, you can tell me. Maybe some schools don't do anything about it, but I'll make sure something happens while I'm here,” She said. Her voice completely and utterly serious. I wasn't about to throw Derek in the deep end. And I wouldn't dare snitch on Lewis, he could do real revenge if he wanted.
“We're fine,” I said. Dragging Kim outside,. The distraction had dried my eyes. If Derek was going to be this way I couldn't stop him. Besides, based on the look on Lewis face earlier, he was my real problem now.
“Let's find Lily and Zack,” Kim suggested and I nodded. I hoped Zack wouldn't be able to tell I was upset as easily as he did yesterday. We predicted they'd be by Lily or Zack's locker and there they were. Though it looked like we interrupted a serious conversation. Lily said a rushed goodbye and walked off. I wondered why she was so bothered then remember the razor. What a sucky friend am I? I completely forgot about everything with her in my own stuff. Zack gave a half-heated shrug that said “I tried”. Then he turned his attention to me and I didn't get to say a word before his lips were on mine.

“Woah, heard of this thing called a room?” Amber said and Zack pulled away to give her the middle finger. Wow, they were cousins but it really was like they were brother and sister. Amber shrugged and continued walking past, her entourage close behind. Apparently that was all the crap she was willing to give us today.
“Ugh, science first thing, my brain doesn't want to think this early,” Kim whined as she glanced at her timetable.
“Beats Maths,” I said, as I did pretty much every Tuesday and she nodded.
“Your right, sucks to be you,” She stuck her tongue out childishly before heading to the science block.
“So where is this class, because I still have no clue where half of everything is,” Zack said sheepishly. Absent-mindedly running a hand through his hair as he took in the corridor full of others. Some of which were sending us cold glances after that kiss. Others just looked curious. Zack met each glare evenly until they looked away. It reminded me that Zack was used to this treatment, he'd dealt with it longer than I had. He wouldn't have cried like a weakling when someone he thought he knew shoved him.

The End

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