Catch Me - Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five

I wanted to crush my alarm when it went off the next morning, but knew there'd be no point. I pulled on some cloths and made sure to grab my umbrella this time. When I walked outside it wasn't raining heavily, just a light drizzle. I wondered how much longer it would be until we finally got to summer. And all the exams that would come with it. I decided not to bother with my first class, no one I really knew or talked to were in my maths class, so it wasn't like I had anything better to do than work through the assigned textbook pages. When I finished that before class was over the teacher told me I could attempt the next set of calculations on the other page. I gave it a go but clearly I'd missed a big point around it since I kept messing up. In the end I gave up and sat back, watching the clock tick away. I spent English like I had yesterday, passing notes with Lily and being generally silly. I did earn myself a glare from the teacher but when she insisted on inspecting my work, she couldn't find any fault. She gave me another glare but left me alone. Derek glanced back every so often looking a bit perturbed. At first I was worried he was annoyed at me for something, then I realised he was looking at Lily. I wrote my reply to her.

Think Derek might be jealous of our inside jokes – lol!

Lily let out a giggle when she saw it and glanced at Derek who quickly looked the other way. That studying expression took over and she watched him closely. I wondered why but eventually she shook her. A little smile tugging her lips. Now I wanted to know what was going on and motioned with my pen for her to reply. But before she finished writing the bell went.
“Hey, what was with the look before?” I asked, grabbing her arm and steering us away from all the students pouring out of the class.
“I just wondered if-”
“Hey.” Derek interrupted her and waved, “Don't think we've met before, I'm Derek.” Lily took his offered hand and smiled.
“Lily,” she replied.
“You two seem to get on well,” he said, raising an eyebrow at me and giving me a little shove with his shoulder.

“You looking forward to Friday?” he asked, causing Lily face to blush a little.
“Yeah, I can't wait to see the film. I love all that alien stuff, and the guns. Those are fun,” She said with a grin. Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow.
“Is that related to the army family thing at all?” I asked with a small laugh which she returned.
“Yeah, we do a lot of paint balling, it's great fun. If we have any paint ball places close by we should arrange to do that as well. Actually, could be better than the movie to be honest,” She suggested with a shrug.
“I'll ask Amber about it,” Derek said with a grin. I had to admit paint balling sounded more fun. I could target Amber, who I was willing to bet had crappy aim. We headed outside and into the field, since the rain seemed to have let up a bit. The sun was even peaking out of the clouds a little. Of course the good mood faded as Amber approached. She was wearing a skirt I swore went against the school regulations. She was showing off legs that must've been faked tanned. And as I glanced Derek's way I saw he didn't mind the view one bit. Why would he? I had to suppress the urge to groan as she moved closer, her eyes watching me with that annoying grin of hers. She knew I was annoyed that Derek enjoyed watching her. I turned away from her face, choosing to watch the suddenly very interesting looking bushes.

“Hey baby,” she purred. Ugh. Such a bad pet name, overused.
“Hey there,” he replied. Derek seemed to have completely forgotten the world as he watched her. And despite myself I couldn't help but think that they did looked perfect together, just a small, traitorous bit.
“Enough goo-goo eyes, otherwise we'll be late for our next class!” Lily yelled, giving Derek a shove, knocking him from his trace. Amber shot Lily a dirty look which she shrugged away. I couldn't help but feel relief flood through me and I looked over to see Lily watching me now. It was similar to when Amber studied me, only with less distaste and more curiosity.
“Yeah, Let's go,” Derek agreed and we all went our separate ways. I was stuck walking in the same direction as Amber and her posse, but they didn't pay me any attention. When I slumped into my seat with a tired sigh Kim raised an eyebrow.
“Long day?” she asked with a laugh as she opened the textbook to where we currently were.

“Yeah, And it's not ending anytime soon,” I whined, glancing over the page, remembering that we had a sub and that she was re-doing a module. Probably to get a good idea of how good/bad people were at different things. Kim was the only person I talked too who had nothing to do with the “popular” circle of “friends” I had.
“Well, sure if you ask one of those pretty girls that you hang out with, she'll make you feel better,” Kim joked and I couldn't suppress the shudder, which made her laugh harder.
“Right, forgot. Not your type,” she whispered, making sure no one could hear.
“Your type though,” I replied in the same whisper. She was also the only person in the entire school who knew my secret, just like I was the only one who knew hers. The teacher walked in, this time looking less confused. She shuffled with some papers before handing out a worksheet.

“Morgan klasse,” she said with a perfect German accent. That threw some of the dumber classmates around me. I had a feeling this class might actually become a challenge for me if she was going to speak German the whole time.
“Ich hoffe, du alle schloss die hausaufgabe,” She continued. Most shifted in their seats, not sure what she was asking of them. I helped them out by pulling out my homework and handing it to her.
“Gut gemacht Michael,” She said, taking it and returning to her desk. Now the others had caught on and people were rushing to get their homework and hand it to her. A few didn't move and looked uncomfortable. Generally subs didn't remember things like homework or actually care about teaching you. I was glad this one did and kind of preferred her to our old teacher. She continued to speak German the whole class and when someone put up their hand to answer in English she tutted them. Apparently once you entered this room, English was a no-go language. She even allowed us to have our own discussions and not pay attention, but it had to be in German. I officially loved this new teacher. So much so that I was actually upset when the bell rang for next class. At least Kim was with me in the next class too. When we walked into the dark drama room we met up with Lily.

I quickly introduced the two of them and we pushed aside the big curtains surrounding the big, black-covered acting area to find the others already here standing and sitting in clumps. Drama wasn't really a subject I cared about, at least not the acting, it was the backdrops I was interested in. Safe to say my favourite forms of drama are expressionism and surrealism. It didn't take long for Derek to arrive, thankfully no Amber in tow. Amber hated Drama. She claimed it was because it was stupid art form. The real reason was because Mrs Roberts had told her she couldn't act very well and suggested she do make-up the one time she auditioned for the school play. Just remembering her flustered expression when she'd been told that made me laugh out loud. It earned me a few odd stares but I just shrugged it off.

“How was German? I can't stand languages,” Derek said. It was the one subject he could never get the knack of. No wonder he didn't choose one for his options when we hit year nine. We still had mandatory English, maths, science, sports and – ugh – RE and philosophy. Amber enjoyed that class way too much. Though I’ve found that most religious people don't really mind or care now. But Amber tried to get the teacher to explain weather religions did or didn't agree with homosexuality. So far he'd always managed to avoid answering the question.
“Es war gut, genießen du wissenschaft?” I replied, only messing up the pronunciation once. Derek watched me for a few seconds with a deadpan expression before sighing.
“Your mean,” he muttered, shoving me lightly. I rolled with it and shoved back and we both laughed.

“Right class, I thought I'd start with us getting into groups, I will assign you a type of character and you will think up a something. Nothing serious,” She said walking around, splitting people into groups. She approached the four of us and split Kim and Lily into one group and Me and Derek into another. When we were all in our mixed up groups she turned to face us all.
“You will take it turns to take on the role of someone of the opposite sex” She replied. All the girls giggled, all the guys groaned. I just hoped she meant us to act like it and not do any uncomfortable scenes.


Morgan klasse – Morning class
Ich hoffe, du alle schloss die hausaufgabe – I hope you have all finished the homework
Gut gemacht Michael – Well done Michael
Es war gut, genießen du wissenschaft? - It was good, you enjoy science?

The End

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