Catch MeMature

My attempt at a run-of-the-mill normal story.
No magic/fantasy/vampire/weird elements.
Just cute gay boys :)

Chapter One

I could feel the rain soaking through my hoodie. My mum had told me to grab my umbrella and coat before I left this morning. But as always I didn't listen or care. I think I romanticise the rain too much and forget the fact that it makes you so damn cold! I shivered as a sharp wind blew down the street and I could hear my teeth chattering. I hoped my books weren't soaked through in my bag – that would seriously suck. I pulled my hood over my head tighter and felt the skin of my hands yell out as fresh cold water splashed over the knuckles. It didn't make a bit of difference. My hair was too long and uncontrollable so the tips that stuck out from under the protection of my hood were dripping.


Just when I thought my morning couldn't get worse and now one of my trainers is sodden along with my sock. I was really considering turning around and going home at this point. Not like I had much of a reason to keep walking. I hated school, I had friends but they didn't really get me or have interest in serious conversations. Plus he would be there. And I would have to stutter and stumble and feel foolish because its pretty obvious to everyone including me, that he is 100% straight. Of course I've yet to tell people that I'm not. And I just knew Amber would try to convince me to ask some girl out like always. She was the worst one, always making insinuating comments, laughing with that glint in her baby blue eyes. The kind that told me she knew and she was enjoying my attempts to hide it. It was complete torture. Why is it that I can't be honest about this? Because I go to a state school and they would rip me to shreds if they knew. I was lucky. I was sort of in the in crowd, not much. But the jocks would wave at me in the halls, the cheerleaders would stop and talk to me. Of course that's all thanks to him again. Damn, I need to stop thinking about him. Otherwise I'd be a blushing fool the moment I saw him.

I shivered against another gust of wind and felt my teeth chatter loudly. Then the harsh pressure of raindrops ceased. The first thing I noticed was a hand holding an umbrella, then I followed the arm up to a familiar face.
“Are you insane? Don't you pay attention to the weather forecast at all Michael?” Derek looked the same as always, well dressed with cleverly styled, brown hair and hazel eyes I wanted to look at forever. I realised too late I should've replied about a second ago, because he had a concerned expression.
“Sorry, cold stunted my thinking,” I said quickly, hoping it was somewhat believable.

“Well then we better hurry up, unless you want to go my house and switch clothes or something, I don't mind. But I don't want you getting pneumonia or something,” He said with a shrug. I hesitated but nodded. I didn't really want to spend the day in wet clothes. I heard the rain grow more distant the moment he closed the front door.
“Good thing we're both always so early for school, huh?” He said putting the umbrella down and poking his head into the living room.
“Michael was dumb and needs new clothes!” he yelled. I heard his mother laugh and say okay and not be too long. It'd been a while since I had last been in Derek's house or his room. We used to spend a lot of time here growing up. Mine was okay but his parents were better off than mine, so he always had the better toys. Derek rustled about in his chest of drawers muttering about how lucky I was that we were about the same size. Not entirely true, he had broader shoulders, was taller and had a better chest and- Stop that line of thought now! I shook my head, hoping I wasn't blushing too bad, or that if I was Derek would put it down to the cold clothes I was wearing.

“Do you need a shower too? Or did the rain do that for you?” he joked, I forced a laugh which I knew he could see but obviously he didn't mind.
“I'll be waiting downstairs,” he said leaving a neat pile of clothes on his bed. His! Damn sometimes I hated my mind and how easily it latched onto things. I quickly pulled off my clothes which fell to the floor with a heavy, wet slap. I tried not to think too much about how much they smelled of him as I pulled them on. This wasn't the first time this had happened but before we were a lot younger. I wasn't sixteen and dealing with stupid hormones and confusing thoughts. I grabbed my wet stuff and headed downstairs, his mum had already grabbed me a bag to put my wet clothes in.

“Don't worry about taking that to school, don't want you having to explain an embarrassing situation. Just pick them up on your way home,” She said with a sweet smile. I nodded my thanks and Derek picked up the umbrella.
“Right, I'm armed, let's go,” He said with a grin, slinging his backpack back over his shoulder. Did I also mention he had an amazing smile? I followed him into the rain aware of how close we were due to the umbrella. I checked my bag and was happy to see nothing inside was wet. So no explaining dripping pages of homework to my crabby teachers at least. Just trying to resist the urge to lift the collar of this shirt up to my nose every five seconds. Of course only Derek would know they were his clothes. But it would still look a little odd.
“Have a good weekend?” Derek asked, pulling me from my thoughts. Not especially I thought, was pretty damn boring.

“It was fine,” I replied. Derek nodded, not asking for more. Of course he didn't know anything about my home life. I didn't talk about it much.
“What about you?” I asked, knowing he'd have a lot more to say. His parents were pushing him towards university and piling on the extracurriculars. I barely saw him outside morning walks and in between classes.
“It was okay, came second place in the swimming gala on Sunday. Oh and I ran into Amber on Saturday...” he trailed off uncertainly at that last part. I raised an eyebrow urging him to go on. And a part of me was certain I wouldn't like it. Amber was the captain of everything and pretty much the most desired girl in the school. She was also a bitch. But she was good at hiding it.
“We got talking and it turned out we both wanted to see one of the new films coming out, that sci-fi one?” I highly doubted Amber had any interest in a sci-fi film. But I also knew that I was meant to be a good friend to Derek and encourage him. Not that he wasn't active with dates or anything. It just never seemed to last long for him. I was used to seeing him walk hand-in-hand down the corridor with a cute girl. But the fact that it would Amber made me that little bit more angry. Because he could do a lot better. And I am not thinking of myself when I say that in the slightest....a hungry tiger is better than Amber. At least with the tiger you know what its actually after.

“Well, hope you two have fun,” I said, choosing to keep my opinions to myself. Derek wasn't stupid, he'd recognise how bad a choice Amber was.
“She also has a friend coming.” Oh, crap.
“You should join, it has be a double date and then I can actually see you for once outside school,” he said with a small laugh. And now the part that was screaming about having to act like I cared about some female stranger was warring with the part that was screaming he misses you, spend time with him!
“Okay,” I said and Derek whooped the air. That was kinda cute. And we were at school. Another day of fun coming right up, ugh.

The End

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