Catch 22

HI i started this once but wanted to re write as i wasnt satisfied .the story does go on but i need to decide how . . . :D

Catch 22


There comes a time where we have to make a choice between good and evil, right and wrong, life and death. If you had those choices to make, what would you do? Would you stand and fight even though it might end with death and suffering? Or would you just disappear and leave it all to chance? We all need to find our place in the world but what if we have no place, what if we’re one of a kind, what if we’re different?


Lucas stood there on the edge of the cliff; looking, wondering, thinking. The deep blue of the seemingly endless ocean stood before him staring straight back into his cold, empty hazel eyes. His mind was a barrage of thoughts darting round his never ending thinking process. The gulls swooped down and around him as if they were vultures observing their prey, gliding on the invisible wind that tousled his wavy brown hair.


Below him the wake crashed against the rocks at the foot of the cliff. He looked up into the air praying for an intervention. A ‘divine intervention would be preferable’ he thought. Just to show that what he wanted to do was wrong. A signal to end this saga of madness. But nothing came. He looked behind him. Again, nothing. Just gaping corn fields with no end, no sign of life and no one to keep him from doing what was going to do.


The sun started to glare back in his eyes off the sea. He threw up all the questions that had burned inside of him for all those years to the back of his mind and blocked them.


It was time. Throwing this coat to the floor he inhaled the sweet salt air into his lungs. He looked around himself one more time: nothing. No answer to his constant prayers, no real point in shielding himself from what inside he had really known all along. With that driving thought in mind: he spread his arms and took one fateful step forward.


Years later as he recalls this story to his grandchildren Lucas would swear upon his mothers grave that for the brief second when he left the cliff and found the thin air that he was floating, no, walking on air. And in that millisecond as he did so, every pain, questions and fear left him and for once in his life he felt free. But as we all know that average humans can’t float or walk on air. Unfortunately Lucas, as it turned out; was no average human. But as always instinct and science took over and he started to fall.


Lucas had always heard that before you experience death your life flashes before your eyes and he had never truly believed this until now. In seconds he saw himself as a young boy cowering in the corner his house. His abusive father standing over him with the smell of ‘just one more’ lingering on his breath, while his mother adopted the fetal position in the mere hope that she wouldn’t be his next target. He saw the heavens opening as the family stood round his brother’s grave. This is thanks to his unnatural obsession with a certain white powder that led him to owing more money to the local gangster than to his bank. At that age he had believed the rain was the angels mourning the death of one more child to the hand of drugs and the world. He told himself now that it was merely nature laughing at the foolishness of man. Lastly he saw himself. No purpose in life, no one in life: nothing.


He reopened his eyes and a watery grave was the only thing that awaited him. The rocks crafted by the elements seemed to be welcoming him with their jaws wide open. A lump of doubt stuck in his throat. Was this really what he wanted? He could almost feel the spray against his face and in an overwhelming fit of what he describes as passion although others would probably describe as despair he, he screamed: ‘STOP’


In that instant the pull of gravity just disappeared almost as if it wasn’t needed anymore to the control that pressure that was on his body. The rocks didn’t seem to be getting any closer. It was if he had stopped in mid air. Lucas looked around slowly just to make sure what he thought was happening was actually real. He was almost 10 feet above the ground motionless. He decided to try this out by concentrating hard to try and move his body upwards. Suddenly he burst up, but then his concentration got the better of him and he slipped back down the cliff face.


Regaining his composure he grabbed the rock of the cliff and decided to try and push himself up bit by bit. Amazingly his body was seemingly weightless and finding the sensation that he had received before he worked his way up and over the cliff: eventually giving his body back to gravity’s rule.


* * * * *

The scientist rechecked her results. This couldn’t be right. For years she had studied human DNA but never before had she seen such results. The genetic bases in this man had multiplied 2 times over giving him twenty times more chromosomes than any normal human. He shouldn’t be alive!


She turned around again. She should never have let this man into the lab. It was straight forward company policy, but when she first laid eyes on him there was something about him that seemed different. It was his eyes. She had always been a sucker for a man’s eyes.


Her mother used to tell her that a man’s eyes are a pathway to his heart; and his eyes were just so full of power and passion it was unbelievable. He was just perfect. His ultramarine deep set eyes, his chiseled jaw and straight nose. It was he had been sculpted in heaven. She opened her mouth to speak but no words could come out, and that was when they came.

The End

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