Alexandra is a blood thirsty vampire. No control, no nothing. That is until she meets Conner.


Have you ever woken up in the morning to find that your awake and refreshed, well I haven’t. Remember all those times you just wanted to fall asleep, I haven’t. More specifically I can’t. Yeah you guessed it, I’m a vampire. A freaking vampire. A three hundred and forty-one year old vampire that doesn’t look a day over twenty-one. How flipping fantastic.

 Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Alexandra. Alexandra Cutteridge.

         I’m your average girl. Long wavy red hair, large deep-set blue eyes with green specks around the edge, long thick lashes, a normal up-turned nose, and full red pouty lips, oh yeah and long fangs that I could retract. My skin was a pale white with a pink tint, not your average vampire, short legs, but a perfect size two body. Sounds like your perfect Barbie, doesn’t it? Well I’m not, well not anymore. Now I just stick to myself, quiet and alone. That’s how it is for me now. How it will always be, since that day.

            Would you like to hear the story? Okay well here it goes.


1669, August 8


            Walking into the market always had scared me. I told him something would happen. He never listened. He said ‘Alexandra Cutteridge if something would have happened then it would have already happened. Now go before it gets dark.’

So me being me I smiled and said ‘Okay Daddy. I’ll be right back.’ I kissed his cheek and walked out of the house. Now mind you my daddy owned half the land so our house overlooked most of what was happening. 

Henry Catty, the one guy I could not stand, met me at the door. Daddy had insisted that he should walk me to the market just to get some fresh meat for tonight.  So he took my arm and led me down the hill.

 “Henry I can walk myself there. You don’t have to lead.”

He chuckled, “Now that wouldn’t be to gentlemanly, now would it?”

I could feel his hot breath on my neck, even if my hair covered it. I stopped. “Henry could you please step back.”

“Now why would I do that? You smell divine.” He inched closer, kissing my neck. “Henry, really please stop.”

“Really I can’t,” he murmured against me skin, right above my collar bone. I whimpered. He nibbled mu skin making me shudder in disgust.

“Henr- ry stop.”

“Mhmhm..I don’t think I will.” I tried jerking away, his grip tightened.  That’s when I could feel the sharp pain in my shoulder. The scream slipped through my lips, his hand covered my mouth while his other hand held me still. Black dots covered my vision, causing me to go weak. Henry’s arms caught me before everything went black. I haven’t seen him since.



That’s how I became a vampire. A blood thirsty vampire. No control, no nothing.  At nineteen I became what I am. Surprisingly I’m not mad anymore. At first I was furious and wanted to die. But now I just want to live life as quietly as I can.    So three hundred and forty-one years later I’m stuck back in high school. Where the drama never stops and guys hit on you. Yay!

            So where to begin now.  I guess I could start with today. Monday, of all days it’s a Monday.  Not eating my energy level is low and my blood tolerance is weak. I need to feed now. So getting ready wasn’t a big deal. A grey shirt with grey sweat pants and some flip flops were all I needed. My hair was in a messy bun and no make-up. Just the way I like it.

         Grabbing my pink book bag that I rarely used I walked from the tiny apartment I rented. So yeah I had a lot of money but I didn’t want it. I didn’t want anything anybody had to offer. Not anymore, not ever. Walking to the sidewalk I could see mothers with tiny babies, and tanned runners running and laughing. I could see a guy and a girl walking hand in heading toward the school I called prison. I walked the opposite way, to the near-by park, where I knew some guy would be, probably a dealer. They always were there. Getting there I could see a guy, sitting against a dark oak tree.  His dark brown hair covered most of his face except for his pink lips. Kissable lips. No that is not what I’m thinking.

I smiled and whispered, “perfect.” Walking over to him I could see his dark wash jeans, yellow shirt and white shoes. Cookie-cutter perfect. I cleared my throat so he would know that I’m there. “Hey I’m Alexandra. Mind if I sit.”

 He smiled, showing his perfect white teeth. “Conner and no, go ahead.”

“Thanks.” I sat beside him, looking at what he was drawing, a mountain with water running down it, beautiful.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” he asked, looking back down.

I chuckled, if he only knew I had been threw school as many times as I needed.  “Um yeah but I come here a lot before. You know just to get some peace. What about you?”

“Yeah I suppose.”          

“So what grade are you in?”

“It’s my last year. What about you?”

“My last year too. So how come I’ve never seen you around here before?”

He looked back up, his grey blue eyes dulled. “I just moved here.”

“Oh. I know how that one feels. It sucks.”

He smiled. “Yeah it does but at least I know one person here.”

“Right. Maybe we should get to school now. You know. Don’t want to be late or anything, right.”

He smiled and stood up. “Yeah we should.”

I stood up, forgetting about my feeding. He inspired me to not drink blood from humans. He inspired me to try and be better. He catalyzed me. Yes I know I only knew him for what like ten minutes but something about him just made me want to be better. And it only took a day.


The End

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