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The government has fallen to unnamed militia. The rules are being re-written. All institutions are being dissolved, and the future is being wiped clean. Heidi and her best friend, Alec, make their escape when the militia come for them, but their struggles do not end when they make it out alive.

A Novel by Sommery Fox

The following work is copyrighted. As in © 2013. Please do not try to copy or recreate it. It is, from this time forth, my baby, and I will not take kindly to mistreatment of it. I appreciate all feedback, but please remember that while constructive criticism and encouragement is a writer's best friend, completely slamming this into the dirt isn't. It's just plain hurtful. There is swearing, elements of above PG-13 romance, and violence in this story. Apologies. And lastly, while I am normally as gentle as they come, I will not hesitate to end you if you copy my work. 

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The End

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