Shurik meets ButchMature

Ok three things:

  1. Stay away from Anais’s claws
  2. Grow out my own and make sure that Buffy won’t cut them like last time
  3. Figure out how to take over her territory or at least share it

“Yes, she is. Would you like to continue or not?” Anais tells me in her annoyed tone.

“Lead the way, kitten,” I tell her and get slapped with her tail. I roll my eyes at her and she decides to ignore my nickname for her. I think she actually got a workout with Beth. Anais turns around flipping her tail in the air and starts walking away with me following.

We walk by the residential area and enter the world of what I like to call “shopping plaza for pets.”

“Every pet here knows me,” Anais says very proudly. “Come on, I will introduce you to my second pet,” and she turns to the left of the plaza. Again, I am forced to follow her even though I see other neighborhood cats. I didn’t see any dogs, yet.

Anais stops by the fish store and starts talking or meowing, “Yo, Big Pet. Come outside. I want you to meet this Siamese.” She says this several times until the human notices her and a smile forms on his lips. He does some hand gesture to show that he heard and Anais becomes quiet. “He is one of my favorites, he is no match for my pet at home but he has his good perks.”

The Bit Pet walks out from his fish store and lays on the ground inside a plate some salmon, and then he adds a second plate with more salmon. This pet does know a way to a cat’s heart. He pets Anais who started to eat. I didn’t touch the plate yet. “Who is this? Anais! Oh, I know. He is your boyfriend!” To which Anais growled and I looked shocked at his conclusion. He pets her again and then me. “Ok, ok. You guys are not dating yet. But he is new isn’t he?” He looks at my collar. “Ah you ARE new here. And you live next door to this kitten right here.” A smile plays on my lips to which she glares at. I am not the only one to call her that. I start working on my fish, delicious. “Pleased to meet you, Shurik. My name is Butch. Stop by anytime.

We finish our salmon and I get a feeling that I am going to get yelled by Anais when we get back to our homes. She showed me the cat hang out places, places to avoid and finally we got back home. I jump onto my window sill and see that my pet is not home yet. Her pet is not home either. Right when I am about to say my good byes and enter my house, Anais screeches making me turn back around.

“We need to talk Alley Cat!” she tells me and I roll my eyes. Here it comes. 

The End

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