Anais -versus- BethMature

My hiss is long and barely has a chance to dissipate before I hear Shurik’s hiss of recognition. I guess the little Siamese does have a bone of sense in his body. I flick my tail in agitation as the trash known as Beth stares him down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too fond of Shurik’s attitude, but if anyone is going to hurt him in any way at all, it WILL be me.

I flex my claws in anticipation, awaiting her next move. While I am cunning and lithe and a beautiful, Beth is tattered, scarred, and rather unappealing. But she is known for her brawn, mainly only because she lacks brains. I, on the other hand have both. Shurik is smart enough to not get involved -yet- although I suppose his chauvinistic manner will impair his reasoning soon enough. I just hope it doesn’t happen until I at least dispatch half of these tom cats.

While I was somewhat distracted about protecting the strange Siamese, I assume Beth had been talking. Saying what, I have no clue whatsoever. I sense that she will act soon though, and she does.

Pouncing over the sidewalk and barreling into me…..Well, I guess that would’ve worked if I hadn’t already guessed that she would do that. She is a veryyyy unkept cat….Rather despicable,really. As she crosses the the sidewalk, I time my jump, and twist in the air just as she reaches the spot I had been. My claws extend and I bury them in her haunches (thighs is just too small a word to describe her obese legs), earning a high pitched howl that would’ve woken the dead….. That is if her and her trash cat friends hadn’t eaten them. I hang on tight, and the more she moves the deeper my sharp claws dig. Her vicious threats and whimpering, and consequently the begging grates my nerves more than usual. I look over at Shurik and roll my eyes.

“ You know Beth, dear, that a fight is absolutely no fun when it’s only one cat fighting.” I chuckle, slightly enjoying the careening that ensued from her. “ And that trespassing, repeatedly,mind you, is punishable by death in my neighborhood?”

Her careening stopped and she hung her head, her tomcat bravado all spent. I suppose the pain is rather immense...especially so since I keep flexing my claws….But no pain, no gain, right? I flick my tail, preparing my strength for what was next. It was quite possibly the reason was this neighborhood was mine in the first place.

I dig deeper into her haunches, ready my back legs for the weight they are about to carry. Beth is begging for me not to do this, that she would never trespass again. I stop look back at Shurik and I can tell that he is fascinated by what I am doing…..i hope he isn’t a queasy sort of fellow. this is pretty gruesome.

“well, Beth,dear, you said that last time. And the twelve times before that….would you like to say sorry to our new neighbor? “ The pitiful thing nodded slightly before struggling to lift her head.

“I’m sorry.” She croaks. She really wasn’t worth my time, but oh well.

I jump, and flip dragging her body along with me. I let go, and her head cracks on the edge of the sidewalk. I wipe my claws on her fur. I turn my back to her pitiful display and walk back over to Shurik, watching his face. He looks...disturbed, I think.

“ So, shall we continue?” I flick my tail impatiently.

“ Is she…?” He seems a bit hesitant to say what she might be. I nod once, short and curt.

“Yes, she is. Would you like to continue or not?”

The End

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