“Do you understand, Shurik? We can be friends or enemies, this little tour will determine that.”  When she said that, I swear I either wanted to jump her and lick her face as a punishment or rip her heart, both two extremes. I am better than that, Siamese don’t act like that, and maybe Egyptian Mau’s do. Just because they have the word “Egypt” in their cat race does not mean they are automatically royal! I lick my paw one last time before I jump the fence coming to meet her. She wants to play game, fine. I am game, I have nothing to do but if she thinks she will get rid of me and ruin my pet’s life…she gotta another thing coming.

As soon as I jumped and came to stand by her, she had the audacity to continue to speak in a rude way. “Well, let’s get to showing you your new home, hmm?" 

Anais walks slowly and shakes her butt a lot, and I thought only human pets did that without owners. Her spots keep moving back and forth as well…I think I will call her ‘Spotty’ to myself…Anais is too royal. I admit, I wish my pet would call me by my real name but no, she had to call me Shurik. Where is royalty in that, but at least she didn’t call me Sam or something like that. I look away from her butt at my surroundings, cottage…cottage…cottage…cat…cottage. I bump right into her, look back and see the other cat come up eyeing me up and down….such nerves.

“Anais,” she greets her.

“Beth,” Anais growls in response.

Oh boy, I get to see an argument between two females, I do have to say I remember this scent…it was by my house. Trespassing is it? 

The End

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