I was shocked by actions of this cat. In all honesty, I am ready to rip his throat and leave his carcass to be found by that twit of a pet he has the misfortune to own. I hiss loudly in displeasure; the thing has the nerve to call me kitten!

“Kitten? Do you have a death wish,cat?” I chuckle, sizing this cat up. Not too shabby, but with the cats around here...I sigh. I’m not cruel enough to let this pitiful thing die in the jaws of the meaner tabbies. I hop from my perch on the rock and sit in front of him, licking at my paws casually.

“D’ya have a name,cat?” I circle him, and he seems a bit tense. I swipe at his tail and laugh as he jumps a bit in reaction. “H’m? Jumpy are we? Don’t worry, I’m not going to pounce again.”

He stands tall, and looks me in the eye, and tilts his head a bit. “ You’re a strange cat. But I shall oblige. I am named Shurik. And what about your name kitten?”

“If you continue calling me kitten, you won’t have a throat to say my name with.” I hiss at him, my irritation simmering. “ But, fair is fair. I am I correct in thinking that you’re a Siamese?”

I don’t pay much attention to his answer, as I already know I am correct. I look around the backyard, smelling the air to see who has been around. Many humans think that only those horrid creatures called dogs have a good sense of smell, but us cats also have impeccable
noses. Like I can tell that the cat,Beth or some such name as that, has been here. I guess I should go pay her a visit, and figure out why she was trespassing…
“Well, Shurik, I guess I can show you around even though you asked in a rather rude manner….But I must warn you, you have to do exactly what I say if you want to live through the next few hours. The cats around here do not take kindly to strangers...if you act against me in any way, they will see it as an open invitation to rip you apart to see if you can manage to stay alive.” I pause, looking at him and trying to judge his reaction to this. He seemed rather indifferent, which may mean his head. But I continue on anyway, “ But if they see that I have accepted you, you will be able to see your twit of a pet later on. I assure you, if you do not do as I say, I will leave your pitiful carcass on the street for her to find later….I certainly won’t get my paws dirty on your behalf.”

I stop again, and watch him as he gulps, an action nearly imperceptible.

“Do you understand, Shurik? We can be friends or enemies, this little tour will determine that.” Without even waiting for a response, I run and jump onto the fence, covering the difference easily, and sitting for a split second as I look out at the street. I really hope this...Shurik… understands the implications. I don’t feel like watching the good-looking Siamese die. It’d be a pity. I flick my tail once and jump to the ground not looking to see if he is following until I get to the sidewalk. When I look back, he is clearing the iron wrought fence and coming to meet me.

I tilt my head and smirk. “ Well, let’s get to showing you your new home, hm?" 

The End

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