I sat on the rock for about fifteen minutes before he slinked into the backyard. I sat proud, and yawned, licking my paws clean of the mouse I had just finished. So much better than the poor excuse of meat Xander tries to feed me. I watch him crawl forward, and narrow my eyes before pouncing. We’ll see what this Siamese is made of. I pin him easily,barely having to make any effort at all. I hope I didn’t scare him too bad, but for my own amusement, I hiss loudly before I back off. He regains his posture quickly and I chuckle. Siamese are know to be nimble buggers, but Egyptians Mau’s like myself are known to run things. Just because he and his pet live here now, it doesn’t change that this is and always will be my territory.

But like I said, pitiful thing doesn’t even look like he hunts. Probably like salmon for fuck’s sake.

I circle him jumping back up onto my rock throne. I toss him a mouse, and dare him to refuse it.

“Hope I didn’t scare you too much- just had to see if you were worth my time. You look rather pitiful….I don’t deal with pussycats. But you help your own a bit. Congratulations, you pass.”

The End

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