I stretch my body and walk from my end of the bed to my pet's side. My pet's name is Buffy, she is a human female who is the laziest female in the world. I do not know why I put up with her. I found her as a pet when I was 2...mind you in human years. Ahh, it is my pet's fault that we moved. I walk over to her face, look in and "MEOW!!!" at her, I jump back in time to see her jump up into a seating position and look down groggily at me. "Shurik! You are NOT an alarm clock," she tells me angrily. I keep meowing at her. It is amazing how humans are so dumb not to understand the real language: cat.

I meow at her for being annoying pet who doesn't know how to treat her master. I keep going, here is what I am telling her" "We moved all the way over here. You have not unpacked and you did not take out my castle! And the windows are all wrong! And I want a door with a cat door so I can leave and come whenever I want!"

My yelling at my pet works and she gets up from bed, eyeing me angrily. "I am going...I am going." She walks in this thing called 'night shirt' and 'underwear'. Stupid human, she should do what I do and be in her natural fur. I mean I know it's way too short and she keeps shaving it off, leaving only enough fur on her head...which by the way is a total mess. 

By now we are in the kitchen and she is giving me my salmon meal. Buffy knows how to get on my good side. I turn back from my meal to hear her squeal. Let me guess he is out there again. I give my food a look that says "I'll be back" and jump onto the counter.

I am right. A human male is outside. He is only half smart, that is my opinion. He only covers his fur for his legs...chest bare. I do not know how tall humans tend to be, but I think he is taller than my pet. I wonder if he is owned by any cat? At the moment he is doing something weird with his body, I think they call it 'stretching' such an ugly sight. His fur is black on his head and he has emerald-green eyes. He looks old. My pet doesn't think so.

She looks away from the male specimen at me. "Shurik! You wake me up in time to see him outside. I fix my hair and watch him and he never glances away from his work out!"

I meow. "Right, I'm glad you agree," she tells me. Ah, I just said 'whatever' and she thinks that I agree with her. I shake my head and start grooming myself. I look up when I hear the door creak open next door. A female Egyptian Mau walks out. So this human is owned. She is the only one to notice me and my pet. She looks at Buffy who is looking at her and rolls her eyes. I roll them, too. We cats, if we want to do it, we just do it...humans court each other. It is such a waste of time.

The Mau who walked toward our backyard, she jumped onto the large rock beside the lily pond. Looks like my first stop outside this morning would be by the lily pond. Not bad, not bad.

I look away when I hear Buffy exclaim "I'm going to be late and I'm the teacher!" Next 15 minutes are spent in a hectic mode where she changes into more clothing. Covering everything. Before she leaves, I let her know to keep the window open for me. This time she understands me. She pets me and says "Don't forget to come back, prince." 

The End

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