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Meow. I stretch, thoroughly bothered, again, just like every morning, by the racket my human is making. He is just so inconsiderate. He tosses his dirty water bowl into the sink where it’ll sit there for days. So disdainful.

“Anais! Which do you want? Salmon or chicken?” I flick my tail in irritation, sidling over to the big oof, placing my paws on his calf, and dragging them down, careful not to scratch him with my sharpened claws. He bends down, just like I’ve trained him to. I place my paw on his cheek, nuzzling against neck. Meow. I love my human, he’s just too untamed still, even after I’ve spent 5 human years training him to be the best human. Meow. I climb on to his shoulder, and he walks over to the window, looking out.

“I wonder if our new neighbor is up yet...perhaps we should go say hello, and welcome her? He asks me about the red-haired,blue eyed human next door. I hiss my disappointment in his train of thought. He laughs, scratching behind my ear, just like I’ve taught him too.

“No need to be jealous,Anais. You know you’re the only girl who has my heart.” Meow. I better be. I jump to the counter, landing gracefully, and looking about our little bungalow. He keeps talking, but I pay no attention. It’s not anything important anyway. I need for him to leave, so I can go meet the strange cat. Finally he goes and changes to the cloths he runs in, I watch him, licking gingerly at my paws. I need to go hunting soon.

He walks outside, and I look out the window at the house next door. The human is running about, and the strange cat watches her. He seems irritated. I know I would be...hmm….maybe this cat won’t be too bad. I hop from the counter, and head out the door. My human is still doing his..stretches. Of course he’s doing it wrong, but he doesn’t listen when I try to teach him the right way.

I sit on the porch, absent-mindedly watching my human. I look over and the strange cat’s pet is watching me. I roll my eyes, and stroll across the yard toward their backyard.I slide under the old iron gate.I jump onto the large rock beside the lily pond.

This is a nice place to meet. Strange cat should know to come here, I think. He did watch me as I walked back here. Hopefully he’s smart and not a twit, like his pet seems to be.

The End

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