Make History

The day the army rolled towards the fortress, it was a mix of overcast and cold winter weather. The dark skies watched the two opposing forces with an eager eye, looming over the battlefield and stealing whatever morale the army had. Jodyis had heard the rebel army gather around her cart, anxiety gripping her throat and chest briefly as she closed her eyes. Today is the day. It’ll be settled today - The fate of my country and my people. When I meet my parents, if I die, I can’t say that I didn’t do anything. Determination and fear flashed over her face as she sighed, giving a glance around the cart. The small bed with Rikojuu sitting on the edge of it, table with maps and rolled up letters from other clans, and the small area of the room dedicated to her two chests full of heirlooms and battle equipment. Jodyis, a few weeks before today, had written a note to anyone that would’ve found her chests, though it was mostly for her benefit.

“Go on.” Rikojuu nodded, a small smile on her lips as her eyes ran over Jodyis’s armor covered body. “My child.” Rikojuu whispered, getting up silently and holding Jodyis’s hand. “They need you to give them a speech, Jodyis. This battle has so much on the line, so much pressure that they need you to help them realize their potential.” With a shaky breath, Jodyis gulped while closing her eyes, opening them to look Rikojuu in the eyes. With a moment of silence hanging between them, Rikojuu broke the silence by brushing some of Jodyis’s long hair back with a gentle touch. “Go get them, General, to make history.”

The End

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