Despite her loud protests, Rikojuu held her close, tightening the grip and turning her to clutch at Rikojuu’s frame instead of push away as shaky breaths were replaced by sobs of grief. “Please, let me go so I can…” Jodyis didn’t know what to say after that, though. Too many questions. Too many reasons why she was a – is a – failure to her sisters. Too many sobs, bubbling up her throat and helping the grief tighten its grip around her body, making it harder to breathe.

As the two soldiers finished, she was let go, turning quickly and dropping to her knees in between the graves. Her head bowed and her sobs turned into wails of agony, drawing silence from those around her. Jodyis couldn’t care less and she didn’t bother to think rationally as grief flooded her system – What did they know about losing the rest of their family? What did they know about being an orphan and losing her sisters? They know nothing of this pain. The two people that connected her to her dead parents were killed in battle, and in her mind’s eye, Jodyis could see their lifeless eyes glaring and slicing through her, demanding why she had let them die.

I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

The End

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