Why wasn’t I able to go and change the tide of the battle quick enough?  As she stood there, there was nothing but thoughts running endlessly in her mind. I couldn’t be the leader you thought I could be - Not at all. I was pushing myself so hard, too far to be in this leadership position to stop and think if I could really handle the stress. Jodyis was aware of the flowers in her hands, the soil beginning to trickle through her fingers onto her boots. Why? Why? You got caught in the crossfire and it’s all my fault. You’re both with our parents.. I hope that you two don’t hate me for not being there. Rikojuu, her aunt, stood behind Jodyis as she forced her breathing to remain calm. The woman stood at four foot ten, her dark red hair and green eyes on her form like a hawk would on it’s prey. Her tail and set of ears, both a dark red like her hair, gave a few twitches, but remained still as Rikojuu gently moved her shawl - Jodyis noticed that instead of her normal mix of yellows, reds and dark browns, the outfit was splashed with black and darker, muted colors.  

Slowly, two soldiers had begun to move forward, one a mage and another a foot soldier, both beginning to push dirt into the holes. “Wait… Wait…! You can’t do this…!” Jodyis lunged for the foot soldier, her fingers grazing his sleeve as she was pulled back from him. A cry of surprise mixed with muffled rage tore through her throat as Jodyis was pulled back from the holes. “Let go of me - Release me - Please! Rikojuu - Please - Let me…” Jodyis dwarfed Rikojuu as she tried to turn and push herself away, tears falling freely. Rikojuu’s shawl and robe were gripped, turned into balls of cloth in Jodyis’s hands, as Rikojuu began to pull her away from the soldiers.

The soldier turned away from Jodyis as she cried out in her aunt’s arms, his eyes downcast as her desperation bled through her actions. Was that pity? I don’t need pity – I need answers – I need something other than silence – ! Jodyis looked at the soldiers again, still pushing away, seeing their downcast expressions before he feeling of Rikojuu’s strong grip anchored her in reality for a brief second. Jodyis gave a cry of agony, the sounds of dirt hitting the caskets too much for her.

The End

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