In the harsh reality of war, Jodyis must go through her final plans with a cold, tactical approach, despite being emotionally attached to her soldiers. When her sisters are killed in a failed raid attempt, Jodyis must learn the heavy weight of grief in a time of war.

The caskets, or what were supposed to be caskets made from body bags, were lowered into two uneven holes that were dug with a mix of shovel and magic, some precise and some clumsy marks in the ground next to the countless soldiers that had fallen in the previous day’s attack. Looking around, Jodyis saw that the graves were all marked with a single flower, a dark red flower with thin petals that blossomed outwards, shivering in the gentle breeze. Jodyis never liked that flower anyways. It was too weak, too easy to break, the petals not strong enough to hold the normal amount of pressure that was applied to other flowers. Jodyis gave a wry smile, feeling the scar on her bottom lip tingle as she let go of the dry smile and bit her bottom lip. She turned her gaze from the graveyard to the two flowers in her cupped hands, dirt slowly falling from between her gloved fingers.

Jodyis hated these flowers. Especially while she was in her armor - The plates of her gauntlets and forearm pieces clinking together when she moved, the slight scrape of leather as she ran her elbow across the side of her chest piece as she shifted. The sounds of her cape blowing in the breeze, the glint of metal in her face didn’t fit with her holding flowers.

The make-shift caskets had no significance to her. To say that none of the caskets did was a lie - her army was important to her. Jodyis and her strategist were directly responsible for sending troops out to die for her cause, the feeling of guilt had quickly become part of her life. Now, however, the news of her two younger sisters dead was too jarring for her to comprehend - Where had she gone wrong? The original plan was to keep the three siblings together, but the battle had drove them apart. As another gentle breeze flew by, pushing the odd mix of mussed wavy hair from her face, Jodyis closed her silver eyes as she frowned and focused her attention on the sound of her cape fluttering in the breeze. Opening her eyes as she gave a shaky sigh, the sight of the graveyard was too much, placing a hand over her mouth to force herself to calm down. Now… her sisters, Styn and Umren, were dead because she didn’t keep close to them.

The End

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