Casey's Cave~Part 1Mature

When the campers went into the cave, they thought it was safe until a ghost named Casey stalks them and hunt them down.

"In this town called Wellspring, the campers were murdered last night in Tansy Forest. The polices saw blood and cameras everywhere on the wall of the cave and the ground, but they didn't any dead bodies anywhere in this forest. They can't find anyone who was responsible of these murders. Office Fred decided to shut down this cave as soon as possibly before anyone will get hurt.

In the police station, Sarah was waiting in the room for the polices. She stared down at her pale hands, looking sad. She remembered the night of that gruesome murder. Her tears streamed down on her face every time she thinks about it. Finally, the two polices came in. They sat down at the table in front of her.

"Hi, Ms. Settler, I'm Officer Paul and this is Officer Matt. We like you to tell us about what happen last night," said Officer Paul.

Sarah didn't say anything, keeping her head down with tears slowly slide down.

"Listen, Sarah, we found these cameras in the cave. What are ya'll had been doing in there with them?" Officer Paul take out the cameras and put it on the table.

Sarah still didn't reply to his questions.  She just stared at the cameras. Office Matt became anger with her. He leaned down to Officer Paul.

"Look, this crap is not working. Can we just leave her be?" Officer Matt whispered. 

"No, she will be ready to speak. Just let her take her time," Officer Paul whispered back to Matt.

"You know what? How about I get out of this bull crap?!" Officer Matt stood up and marched to the door.

"Matt, you can't do that. She might get us some info about it!"

"She is not give us information about it! She just being mute as hell!" Officer Matt opened the door. Before he leaves his partner,  he heard Sarah's voice.

"I told them not to go to her cave....But they never listen"

Officer Matt shut the door and went beside Officer Paul.  "Whose cave? What do you talking about 'her cave'?"

Sarah stared at them with her blue eyes. "Casey's Cave...."


With a camera starting to record, it shows Stephen's face who driving in his car with his friends.

"Hi, everyone and this is me, Stephen Lester. Also these are my crew," Stephen said before pointed the car on everyone, "Say hi, everyone."

"Hi!" said all.

Stephen pointed the camera on him again.  "Today, we will camp in the place that is forbidden called Tansy Forest. With My wife, Rose Lester, my friend, Ricky, and three beautiful women, Daisy, Karen, Sarah, we will film ourselves survive in the entire night and-"

"Hey, Stephen! We found the place!" exclaimed Rose before she pointed at the forest.

Stephen drove into the forest and parked it on the path. The crew got out of the car and looked at the place. It has a lot of tall trees and plants. The sun bright about them with a yellow light.

"Yes, it is so beautiful," said Daisy before she walked off to the forest.

"It really does," said Ricky before he followed her, "Hey! Daisy, I am going to get you!"

Daisy screamed playfully as Ricky chased her around. They acted like little kids. Sarah stared at the forest without any movement. She was little scared as she stepped back from it. Suddenly, she bumped into someone and turned around to see who it was. She saw a old guy looked at her with his little eyes. Sarah stepped back and fall into the floor.

"What are you guys doing in this forbidden forest?" the old man asked angrily.

"Oh, we just camping here for a night. We are making a film," replied Stephen holding a camera at the old man.

"Well, you need to leave here as soon as possible. This place is not safe here."

"Well, it seem good to me. Maybe you are too old to understand," Karen said.

Sarah gave her a puzzle frown, but Karen stared at the old man.

"Look, you don't understand. In many years, many campers camped here all the time until they went into some cave named Casey's Cave. In the morning, they never came back."

Sarah gasped about those campers. She thought they should leave this place. She don't want to be die or kidnap. Then, the old man added about the explanation.

"...So fine! Be dead what I cared!" Old man left the crew in the forest. Sarah just stand there with fear in her eyes as she stared at the back of the old man.

"So the man said that the other campers were murdered in the cave too?"

"I didn't think of that way-back in the police station-I thought they were lost in there or something. I didn't know they were murdered too...until now..." Sarah said while staring down.

Meanwhile in the Tansy forest, everyone was setting up the campsite and putting cameras everywhere. Sarah was looking at the camera until she felt strong arms around her waist. She looked and saw Stephen smiling at her.

"Hi, sweetheart, how are you doing?" Stephen said before kissing her cheek.

"1. Get the hell of me!" said Sarah before getting out his grip and looking at him, "And 2. I am not your lover."

Stephen chuckled and leaned into her face. "Oh, really? You weren't like that at the Christmas party."

"Maybe I was drunk that night. Stephen, you have a wife and child back home. Can you leave me alone?"

Stephen put his hands on her waist again with a smile. "You know that I am your boss, right? My wife will not know shit about it. If she did, I will blame you for forcing me for sex."

"Well, Ricky knows about the one night stand, Stephen." Sarah mumbled.

"I know, but I know he won't tell." Stephen slide his hand to her butt, and Sarah stepped back from him. He chuckled at her reaction. Then, Rose came toward them.

"Hey, honey!" said Rose before leaned in for a kiss, "What are you two doing?"

"We are just talking, right Sarah?" Stephen said with a smile.

Sarah crossed her arms and looked away. "Yes, we are just talking."

"Good. Oh, Stephen, we found a cave over by the campsite. Let's go there!" Rose said happily before dragged Stephen there.

Sarah sighed, grabbed the camera, and followed them.

The End

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