Chapter Two


It wasn't the rainy season, so why was it raining?! Because Casey knew running away from home is wrong? The universe had to punish her? Well, sky?!

Casey groaned. Her old shoes were the best clothing she had, and even they were not resisting the rain. Perhaps walking was a dumb idea. Her aunt lived on the other side of the country, but on paper the distance didn't seem that far! Whoever made the maps was a liar. A no-good no-truth sayer. (?!?! Real sentence anyone? :P)

Lightning zipped across the sky. Glancing up, Casey wondered if their was a chance she would be struck by lightning even though she was a mere 4''11.

Light shone upon her head. Casey stopped walking, her thoughts preoccupied with the great light. Weird storm -

Her feet slowly lifted from the pavement, and of course that meant her whole body was going too, not on Casey's idea but entirely on there own. Aliens! Military! Ahhhh, her parents sent the military after her!

"Put me down! I'm sorry, I won't run away again!" she babbled. SLURP! One eighteen year old up a ship's hoo-ha.

"Hallo," was how she was greeted. The Earthling (for by now Casey had concluded it was aliens) was laying on her back. A beautiful redhead was staring down at her. She was human except for her ears. They were normal where they came out of the head, like anyone's. Then they did a peculiar thing. The tips continued to grow up and around the top of the head, like a fleshy half-crown that covered the back.

"Erm. Yo?" Casey asked. The other girl grinned, revealing silver teeth.

"My name would be Gwen - closest to your pronunciation. My true name is quite loooooooong."

"I'm Casey," said she. "May I sit up or are you going to tower over me forever?"


Gwen hopped away. This was where Casey noticed something else that made Gwen differ from a human - she had many tales, all thin and lengthy. Almost like hair but you could tell they had no fur or hair on them.

Surrounding the duo (and here I'll be quick so as not to take to much time away from the story) was nothing of real interest, just white and blue swirls on the walls, same colour floor but marble, and black stands with red buttons that meant they were obviously computers and panels - oh, and plushy pink chairs. (How's that for a sentence, eh?) Why plushy pink? Well, why swirly blue and white walls? Do I look like an alien? (Nothing from the wise-asses who will say 'you're an alien to somebody', that doesn't count!)

So Casey sat up. Imaginative description perhaps not, but hey, it is what she did, so why argue?

"Thanks for taking me out of the rain. But why?" Casey inquired.

"You were drenched," Gwen stated like Casey was dumb.

"Oh." So . . . Gwen had picked her up because Gwen was a space-age good Samaritan? Wow. So much for the evil alien image of science experiments.

"Where are you headed?" Gwen asked.

" aunts," Casey replied. She couldn't remember her aunt's address, then realized Gwen probably did not know Earth address anyway. "You know where the Green Jewel Forest Valley is?"



"Have a map?" Casey asked hopefully.

Gwen straitened up and headed for one computer. Casey had begun to wonder if Gwen couldn't stand up strait, but thankfully Gwen could. Who would want to follow someone around if the person was always bent over?

A wall unswirled, the blue becoming an outline for a white circle. (Ha, we knew the swirls meant something, didn't we?) The map of Casey's continent faded in, the water remaining white while the landmass was faint green. Casey bolted up and trotted over and pointed to a place. And then and then and then . . .

The ship lurched.

"ACK!" Casey yelped.

"WOOP WOOP!" Gwen shouted.

Just as suddenly, Casey was thrown to a wall as the ship stopped roaring along.

"Insane idiot, you could have warned me!" Casey yelled.

"You have been warned," Gwen said seriously.

"What do you mean 'you have been warned?' We aren't moving anymore!"


" 'Woot -?!' "

And then and then and then . . .the ship lurched, Casey yelped 'Ack!' and Gwen laughed so hard she fell to the ground.

"Your Aunt's," Gwen beamed. Casey groaned from the pile she was on the floor. "Want me to bring your aunt up here?" Casey muttered something that I couldn't catch, so insert your own comment. Can't expect me to do all the work, can you?

Gwen took the comment as an affirmative, so that was how Aunt Rachel, and all her beloved animals, became passengers aboard the Lullaby. (So named to trick enemy's into underestimating the crew - all one of her.)

The End

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