Only one Way

Prince Quest lifted his head so the glorious ringlets fell and framed his face with tears shining like green diamons against his skin.

"You did not know, ignorance cannot be forgiven." He said kindly and inhaled deeply, "Your job has been well done, I am swayed towards you and your cause. It is just my kin that need convincing."

"Let me speak with them."

Things happened very quickly then. Laduma roared a vicious warning sound that shook the trees as the twins yelled identical 'No!'s and started to charge forwards while reaching for thier swords. At the same time Prince Quest had leapt to his feet, grabbed Alpha's wrists and ran towards the lake. Before Alpha had time to utter a protest, she was being sumberged in the green lake. All breath was knocked out of her at the ferocity of the impact with the water and she clawed desperately at Prince Quest's arm until he turned around. Seeing her so distressed he furrowed his brow then realised the reason for her discomfort.

Kicking furiously towards the surface, Prince Quest allowed the twins to haul the princess out of the water to lie beside them.

"Princess?" They gasped as she choked. Holding up a hand, she signalled that she was alright and unharmed.

"Princess Alpha, I am sorry; I forget about your need for air since I can survive both with and without it."

"An eye for an eye." She shrugged.

"No," The prince said forcefully, "That is not the way we do things."

"Then how do you do things, so we might learn how it is best to sway your kin?"

He paused, "There is only one way."

"Go on."

"You must gather enough Carvarians to support your cause, then we would be forced to join forces with you as the majority."

"But that will take too long, is there no other way we could stop this treaty?"

"Nay. My mother is too sick to come to the surface."

"But Prince Nethian will die if we do not rescue him soon."

"There is no more I can do." With that, the prince flicked his limbs expertly and he flipped backwards into the water and even the surface remained still.

"But-" Alpha trailed off, confused and at a loss what to do next.

The End

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