Prince Quest

Standing in front of her was the most beautiful being Alpha had ever seen.

The figure was much taller than her and a head higher than the twins. Webbed hands and feet flowed from his long limbs that were covered in skin which held a hint of green. Luxuriously soft white hair fell in ringlets to his waist that shifted colours within itself of green and blue and pink giving it a pearly look. His green eyes sat achingly unblinking among his well structured face as his spined gills behind his ears went rigid with the tension of a stranger and two armed men.

"Prince Quest." Triansidad and Tonatillo bowed with Alpha.

"Twins, Princess Alpha." His voice was rough and contrasted dearly with his appearance and bowed in return.

"You know why we are here?"

"Aye. But I must warn you, the allegiance of my kin is not mine to choose, we must all partake in the swinging of favour."

"Will you not at leats here me out, for we are both being who want what is best for our races." Alpha asked.

"Very well, try to convince me." He folded his arms and leant back.

"Thank you. You think I am a Nomadite, aye?"

"Aye." Prince Quest snorted.

"Well you are wrong." He raised one eyebrow, "I am a Carvarian, born if not bred. I am the daughter of the king and queen of Carvaria, not Noma as you thought. As a babe I was smuggled out of Carvaria to be brought up in a renegade band until I was of age to fulfil the prophecy. If you do truly intend to support the Carvarians, your loyalty must also remain with me."

For a while Prince Quest was silent, "Why do you want us to turn on your own kin?"

"Because they are not nice people, Prince Quest. I went there myself the day I arrived nd it was horrible."

"Alpha, stop." Triansidad warned quietly, seeing where the conversation was heading.

Ignoring him, Alpha carried on, "A man was slaughtered for merely suggesting that what they were doing was wrong. Inside the prison bars women cry for their babes that were burnt from the inside out. Torture and death and pain is a regular occurance. Can you imagine that, prince?"

Prince Quets fell to the floor, covering his ears with his hands and sobbing silently to himself. Shocked, Alpha looked to the twins.

"The People of Green Shore Lake hate any idea of unjustified violence, as you can see it causes them physical harm." Tonatillo motioned towards the now rocking prince.

At once ashamed of herself, Alpha knelt down until she was level with Prince Quest.

"Prince Quest," She murmered, "Forgive me, I am not as school in your traditions as others; if I had any inclination that what I was saying would hurt you in such a vile manor I would not have uttered a syllable. Only now you can that, in this, we share a common ground." 

The End

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