The Sea People of Green Shore Lake

"I do not understand." Alpha asked Tonatillo, "What is it talking about?"

"You are from Carvaria with your real parents being the king and queen. We are from Noma and we are sworn enemies with Carvaria. The prophecy was clear that our saviour would be born from our enemies; and it could not have been more true."

"And the People of Green Shore Lake?"

"Well, best to let you see them for yourself. The prince is waiting by Green Shore Lake for you now, best not to keep him waiting. Would hardly be advisable to anger the people we must make peace with. Come."

Laduma, Alpha's Lavacorna, stood pawing the ground with two horses to his left tossing their heads anxiously. Instinctively Alpha grasped her white creatures mane and hoisted herself up so she sat behind his large shoulder blades while the twins climbed onto the horses. While the horses ran on, Laduma sailed easily above them, circling and obviosly displeased with their slow pace. Few got the honour of the loyalty of a Lavacorna, the twins had not been gifted.

'The People of Green Shore Lake are a different kind of being,' Laduma contacted, 'It is hard to explain unless you have seen them. They live in Green Shore Lake.'

"Live in? As in under the water?"

'Aye. You shall see for yourself in a minute, we are close now.'

His great feathery wings angled downwards and they decended sharply; although she had only been with Laduma for a few days, she had been upon him long enough to understand his flight patterns. Snapping his jaws and clacking the claws on his padded feet, Laduma stopped on the edge of the lake.

A figure stirred and faced them.

Alpha gasped.

The End

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