Princess Alpha of Carvaria, sworn enemies of Nomadites, Prince Nethian being one of them, sat at the Council of the Brave in silence. Someone having spoken of the prophecy that concerned only her, everyone else was silent too for she had not yet read it.

She had only been in Noma for three days.

Four days ago she had been sewing in the front room of her mother figure, Sierra, when she came in screaming for her charge to run. So she did. It was while she was running from the Carvarians that Prince Nethian found her collpsed under a tree. He made her go ahead on his horse while he fought off the ten or so men persuing her. She had learnt that Prince Nethian had single handedly defeated twenty Carvarians with no sword or shield, just a small dagger; he walked back into Noma whistling and swinging the weapon in one hand.

Her world of security had been thrown upside down as she was introduced to Lavacorna's which were giant winged lions and other creatures she had not even dreamt of in her old world. Prince Nethian had told her that she was the foreseen, the one who would win over the Sea People of Green Shore Lake and get their allegiance from Carvaria to Noma.

Alpha shuddered as she thought of Prince Nethian trapped in a small cell. On her first night she had been taken to Carvaria to see their barbaric ways; someone was murdered for telling the captain that what they were doing was wrong. That was the first time Prince Nethian had gone back since recieving a branching scar down his back that seemed to glow red.

Adlai, the head council member, dismissed the council and Tonatillo and Triansidad, the twins who had shadowed Prince Nethian and thus her, led Alpha through a series of corridors.

Triansidad, the younger of the two, hung back while his twin opened the door in front of them and they walked inside together.

They were in a small room with a basin of water with a lone yellow flower floating in it but that was it. Except for the walls. Worked into the bare rock all the way around the room were words, crudely written and rushed.

"Prince Nethian was meditating in here, then he felt the need to write so he called for a small hammer and began carving the words across the wall." Tonatillo explained, staring up at the writing.

"How did he get up there?" Her brown eyes followed her friends gaze.

They just shrugged identically and left the room.

Alpha stood as high up as she could.

'You need a saviour, someone brave and caring and loyal to what is right. Ignore all that you know about goodness and righteousness, for it will be rewritten. Carvaria must be defeated, and soon. The treaty between them and the Sea People of Green Shore Lake must be broken or else you shall all suffer. Ever child born will be killed before it has a chance to love the lands, the women will cower from the men, the men will go into hiding or sit their screaming in their never ending sleep and everyone will be alone.

You must have a saviour, you will get one. When she is of age, the decendent of the Carvarians will flee from her home out of Carvaria where she was taken as a babe to be free for this purpose. With auburn hair that glows like fire in the sunrise and brown eyes with the depth of concern for all . Your prince will find her lying beneath the seventh tallest oak tree in the forest bordering her home to Noma and will take her back.

She is the one you need, she is your saviour.

It is her duty and fate to breake the allegience the Sea People of Green Shore Lake have to Carvaria, or else terrible things will happen. The only way, once she has followed Prince Quest's demands from his kin, to break the treaty is a sacrifice of blood full of love, loyalty and water.'

This was repeated again and again. But no matter how many times Alpha read it, it did not make anymore sense.

The End

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