Carter's Little Secrets

Carter took her first steps into what seemed like a world full of nothing but cliques. She wandered down the halls like baby deer unsure of where to go or who to find. Circles of cliques lined the halls chatting and shooting judgemental glances her way. Her crystal blue eyes shifted from door to door as she searched for room A209. She had just passed the library when a tall boy suddenly knocked her over. Her folders and papers flew about the hall as she dropped to her knees. The others boys following him laughed but he simply picked up her belongings and handed them to her without even really looking at her. Carter let out a little sigh before pushing herself off the ground and continuing on her journey through the crowded halls. when the bell rang, everyone emptied the hallways as if the plague was beginning to spread. Eventually Carter reached the room she was searching for, however the class had already began; making it difficult to walk in undetected. "Hello Ms. Anderson, such a pleasure that you could join us," Mr. Kohlfield smiled while pointing to a desk in the back of the room.
The End

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