Carter Stone.

Carter Stone is a Vampire, who appears to be twenty-five. But he's really a vampire prince, Age two-hundred-and-seventy! Follow this crazy vampire's life through Murder, Scandal, And Romance.

Carter blinked open Crimson eyes. He opened his coffin and sat up, stepping out then pulling on a robe and walking to the bathroom to take a shower. His Room-mate at the time, Scarlett, Was glaring at him from the living room. "Hogging up the shower, Eh?" She hissed. "Yeah, of course i am." Carter replied sarcastically then shut the door. About an hour later, He walked out of the bathroom, smirking. "YOU TAKE LONG SHOWERS." Scarlett hissed. "It wakes me up." he replied, drying his hair. "Drink coffee." Scarlett replied. "I can't have coffee. I can only have tea with blood." he said. "Fine, fine." Scarlett said, lying down on the couch. "Want something to eat?" he asked. "You? Cooking? No thanks." she said, staring at him blankly. "I'm off to work then." He said, putting his Top hat then walking out the door. On the way, The vampire felt a Stabbing pain in his side.

He had just been stabbed.

The End

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