Chapter 2

My mom looked up at me worried, I just ignored her look. I sat down and began eating. My brother and sister watched my every move. I just wanted to snap at them in anger, but I ignored it. I prefered the numbness, I didn't want any emotions, so I locked it up far away into my mind.

"Oliver, Amelia, it's bedtime." They didn't even argue, they just got up and left. Then my mom turned to me. She got up and sat down next to me, then she softly stroked my hair. She pulled me into a hug.

"Cadence, are you okay?" She whispered. "I'm so worried about you." I felt something wet land in my hair. My mom was crying. How? She had cried so many times lately that it was amazing she still had water in her eyesockets.

"I'm okay, mom. Shesh! Can't I just be allowed to be alone!" I pushed her away and got up. Then I left the room, remembering to slam the door behind me.

The End

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