Compulsive Denials

  As it turns out, by the time I reached school age, I became a new little person.  I was friendly and I was desperate to make friends.  In those first few years of primary school and elementary school, you didn't have to coax me out of bed or to get ready.  I was usually up before anyone else, eager to face the new day.  I thought that I was having the time of my life, denial number one, and that I was cool, denial number two.  Boy was I delusional.  Not only were we new to the area, dad was a military man, but I was a mixed kid.  In the "south", in the early 1990s.  Shall we say that racism was still evident, and more than people were willing to acknowledge.  

  School was mostly a joke for me.  Not because I was a genius, just that I was never smart enough or too smart and my teachers would forget about me... fantastic idea eh?  Why waste time on the really smart or dumb kids, they'll either fail or succeed.  I had this one teacher who used up all the spelling words for me, because I was ahead of the entire class, and thusly decided to allow me to pick my own.  I was a kid, in the fourth grade, and as such I began to pick words like 'dog, cat, rat, bat, mouse.'  Threw that last one in as a wrench... hit Like if you found it funny?  I mean what the hell else would a kid with that kind of freedom pick?  Amphibian?  Osteoporosis?  Oh, how about Completely Oblivious... to the fact that I wasn't even 10 years old.

The End

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