Blind Introductions

  Walking came easy, I wasn't really good at crawling so I just pulled myself up one day and began to walk.  Mom always said I was a stubborn little baby who couldn't wait for anything.  Guess I never really lost that trait, because I have no patience at all.  I mean zip, flat out punch you in the face for making me wait, none.  Did I mention I'm still stubborn too?

   At least I held on to the humor, they said I could laugh for days, even make myself sick with laughter!  Talked to every person that would give me a second too, didn't matter that it was all "baby gibberish", I was determined to be heard.  Honestly, I still talk a lot, but now it generally makes sense.  (Mind you generally is used loosely there... I have been told I just talk too much most of the time)  I have an odd sort of flair for life that started in those early days.  My parents said I loved that spotlight, and that I hogged it.  I would literally fight another kid if their parent was paying me less attention.  Yea, I was a total jerk of a brat.

  It's a wonder I lived past my first few years, because the way I hear the stories told, I was a holy freaking terror.  Walk, or run, away from my mom in any store we were in.  I'd open up a can of pop or candy wrapper faster than the speed of sound, not a joke... mom always had to buy like 3 candy bars minimum before leaving the store check-out.  Had the worst case of "NO" of any child below the age of 3, and would actually spank you back!  Seems that I couldn't stand to not have the last word or hit, and "NO" was just the only answer you would get unless you had an Oreo to bribe me with.  Yet, here I am, writing about the life I've been granted, up to this very point knowing that I still don't really have a clue.  It's really just like that.  You either know who you are, or you just breeze through life pretending.  I knew back when, but she's long gone now.  You get to have the great pretender as your guest speaker tonight.  

          __________          __________         __________          ___________          

  The name's Alice.  You know, like Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat, but I don't have pretty curly strawberry blonde hair like the girls in the movies.  (On a side thought, I have always wondered why she had to be a strawberry blonde or blonde... I don't remember the author describing Alice of Wonderland as having lush blonde hair, but perhaps I'm due for another reading of it.)  I'm about to be 28 years old and I forgot where the last 6 years went, minimum.  I still feel like I'm only 22 most days, but there are those days, you know, when you wake up with an ache that you can't shake off and then you remember that you're getting a little bit older with each sunrise.  No, I'm not a pessimist, just stating a fact, so get over yourself and stop worrying about the fact that I made you feel sympathetic or something like it.  I am not going to turn my pistol on myself either, so get that out of your head too.  This is not a suicide book, it's a "Here I am" book... I think. 

  I've auburn/brunette, whatever the hairstylist says today, hair with hazel almond shaped eyes.  They're hazel because, like my brain, they cannot make up their mind.  My face is ovalish, yes ish, with a huge set of cheeks that people, especially older women, like to pinch.  Don't know why, don't like it, and for the life of me, can't get them to stop.  My friend's mom has always told me that I have doll like features, and then proceeds to call me her little "porcelain doll" or "China doll".  No, I am not Chinese or fair complexioned, just what she's always called me.  Kind of have heart-shaped lips, which are a decidedly reddish tint, oddly enough.

  Athletic by nature, I have always had a shape.  No body is really ever perfect, and I think that it is a lame idea to try and look like someone else does.  Not that your self appointed perfect image is wrong, just that I don't think you're doing yourself a service by striving for the excellence that you see in mainstreamed images.  Perhaps finding a "happy medium" isn't exactly an easy task, but I believe it's a hell of a lot easier when you try to stick with a you-able thought instead of a them-able.  But of course, that's just me and you are whoever you think you are.

  I don't think I'm much to look at, but some say I have a pretty face.  I definitely don't go off the remarks of the guys I've run into in bars.  Being under the influence and then trying to convince someone that they are the most beautiful girl in the world is the worst, if you ask me.  Plain Jane is my ideal image of the right look.  Again, why should I be anything or anyone else?  I'm of average height at 5'7" and I'm about 160lbs.  Decent by most standards, and healthy by my own.  Granted, I am single, but that is all my own doing.  I don't really like relationships of the romantic kind.

 I haven't found my Wonderland yet, though I fully intend to, so perhaps I'm writing about my search for it.  Perhaps searching is part of becoming.  I think it's pretty obvious that I know what I want, though keeping to task is hard enough without the constant distraction of someone interrupting... haha yea, I get the whole A.D.O.S. issue when I'm trying my hardest to focus.  (You know Attention Deficit Ooooh Squirrel!! Bet you thought I was going to say Shiny didn't ya.)

  Perhaps the telling of something is in the naming of it. You get introduced and then are told something of what's being introduced. Here we've begun the introductions and yet you really haven't gotten much other than a load of rambling from a young female who is basically telling you everything you'll ever not need to know, and YET you continue to read. . . okay now that you've proven your point and picked the book back up, I swear that eventually all, well at least some, of this will make sense. Honest to goodness, or at least I'll try, really hard, promise. (I even just crossed my heart, but don't get mad at me for not hoping to die... I don't want to die yet... I still have a story to finish writing!)

  Having an affinity or knack for something isn't always a blessing, for instance my knack for finding trouble, but then again, it isn't always a bad thing either.  I have this affinity for making friends, or as some call it, never meeting a stranger.  There's also this way I can read someone from the moment I meet them, like no matter if they're trying to hide who they are or not, I just know them.  Talents are often given to you at birth and I have my share of those, but you can learn them too.  I think I've learned how to tell a story pretty well, but I think I will let you be the real judge of that.

The End

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