Carry Me

To be deviated!

An Introduction:  My Story as I see it...

Most of the time the intro is begun with a "Once Upon a Time...", or a "There Once Was a Boy/Girl...", or my absolute favorite "Nothing's Ever As It Seems...".  I enjoy reading the tales told with these introductions, but this story is nothing like those beginnings, so we'll have to start somewhere else.  We could go with a sweet mysterious bit like, "I always knew I was special...", but I feel like that would be a bit cheesy.  How about we try, "My true name tells a story worth reading...", sort of a mystery but straight to the point, right?  I think that's closer to what I may begin with.  Of course, that means I'm going to have to start by saying that this, the story I'm about to write, is the summing up of my life until this very point.

How often do you read the beginnings of a story and realize that the author is trying to fit in as much as possible to tell you everything you'll ever not need to know about the main character?  I'm not that author, but I figure you'll at least want to know that instead of going with the usual, I'm going to go with the unusual.  I enjoy a good telling with a happy ending myself, but this isn't that book. 

I'll probably take a few breaks, give my fingers a second or two to rest, maybe get a can of pop and walk around the kitchen while I think out loud about what I'm doing... yea, what I'm about to do is profoundly not what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life. So yea, I'll probably be talking to myself, scolding more like, on how I better get this right the first time through.

Let's get this adventure started, shall we... 

The End

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