"What do you think you're doing?" she yelled against the wind, pulling him back onto the ledge.
"I'm trying to die!" he screamed back.
"You can't do that!"
"Why the hell not?"
"Because I was here first, therefore, I reserve the right to jump off first!"
When these two people meet on a cold October night, they are quite ready to give up on this mad, cruel world. Follow this dynamic duo as they argue, save each other, and most importantly, learn to seize the day.

He walked along the road, kicking pebbles in his path. His life was a mess. His family had disowned him, the love of his life walked out on him on their wedding day, and he lost his job.

The cold wind chilled him to the bone on this fateful October night. The moon was out and casting a slight shadow on everything. Looking up, he tried to locate some constellations, but couldn't see any. Whether this was due to his drunken state or light pollution in the city, he did not know.

On and on he walked, and he lost all sense of time and direction. It could've been days, and he could be on the other side of the country, and he wouldn't have known. He eventually walked onto a large bridge. It's beautiful, he thought.

He walked to the middle of the bridge, deciding he couldn't continue his journey any longer. He had lost everything, and he couldn't find the strength, physically or emotionally, to go on.

He cast his gaze upon the waves that would soon carry his body. They overlapped and grazed against the rocks ferociously, creating a white foam. It was mesmerizing, just like everything else about this night.

He climbed over the ledge and leaned forward, kept on the bridge only by his arms. This is it, he thought. My last act of cowardice.

He closed his eyes as he let go of the bridge, ready to face his death.

The End

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