Return to the Manor

Devon was starting to think this winding driveway was a waste of time, but it was either this or returning to the highway, and tonight that wouldn't be a good idea. Ducking beneath a low hanging branch, Devon spotted the rear end of a small red car. He stopped and listened. Why was this car out here, maybe kids making out?He approached cautiously, removing the gun from his belt. He reached the passenger side of the car. The car was empty. This, he decided, would be a good, dry place to spend the night. Finding a large rock he smashed the passenger window, reached in and unlocked the door. The car's dome light turned on as he opened the door, and it was only then he noticed the huge black shadow that was the manor.

It only took Devon a second to decide to try to break into this monster of a building. He spent twenty minutes circling the building. Behind the building and at the far end he found a boarded entryway to the basement. The wood was old, cracked and broken. Using his hands he managed to pulled the wood away from it's hinges, watching for a window to light up, as he did. He opened it enough to squeeze through. Concrete steps led him down into the mouth of darkness. The basement was dry, but musty smelling. Taking his Bic lighter from his pocket, he snapped it to fire. In it's dim light, he examined his surroundings as best he could. Tall walls and many doors. Feeling his way along the wall he ran across the first door. He pushed it open. The smell of gore was overwhelming. He closed the door and backed away. What the hell was that? What is this place? It looks like a prison.

Moving in the glow of the lighter he crossed the hall and pushed open another door. This cell contained a small bed, children sized furniture, and the floor was littered with broken doll sized dishes. Suddenly Devon heard a noise. He killed the lighter and listened. It sounded like a something small being dragged along the floor.

Rats, Devon decided. Then he stepped on something squishy.  


The End

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